miketorr left a comment for Doug Lauber
"Hi Doug, thanks for your interest in my album. It was a bit of a personal cathartic journey for me and isn't intended to be commercially successful, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. There are some really good guest musicians playing on…"
Nov 8, 2010
Doug Lauber commented on miketorr's blog post Burnin' plastic!
"Congratulations! I listened to the first three tracks and will be back for more..."
Nov 8, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]
"I see I was right about the mathematical content then - how interesting! I have considered use of maths ideas in music before, when thinking of ways to make my work original, though I planned to use it more as a minor dimension of creativity, rather…"
Oct 20, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Clive Lukover
"I thought there were real strings in there. Always helps, doesn't it? Thanks for your comments on Snow Pilgrim. It's a blend of different percussion libraries, but the main loop is from Adrenaline I think, and there's Storm Drum 2 in there as well.…"
Oct 20, 2010
miketorr commented on James Semple's blog post Oil and Water
"This reminds me of the infamous "Loudness wars" of the music industry, in which the same paradox applies - the louder you try to make something using compression, the less impact it will have - because you lose dynamics. It's quite surprising how…"
Oct 20, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]
"Hello Rudi! Nice to see you on Saturday - I'm another one who wishes he could have talked to you more. Your work includes some very delicate and subtle ideas and has interesting structure to it - this appeals to me as a mathematics graduate and I…"
Oct 20, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Thomas Van Beeck
"Hi Thomas, great to meet you at Composium last weekend. I am hearing good writing in your work - keep it up!"
Oct 20, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Clive Lukover
"Hi Clive, great to know you, and thanks for hooking up on here - enjoying your music! Ode To The Forgotten has a really nice production quality to it."
Oct 20, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Nash Milincic
"Love the demo, Nash. Got here via a link from the MFTM forum. Excellent work!"
Aug 22, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Yaiza Varona
"Hi Yaiza, and thanks for your kind comments about my work. Snow Pilgrim uses Tonehammer's "Forgotten Voices - Cait" library, which is excellent. I routed the vocals through a "reversed" patch on Cubase's convolution reverb. I think the percussion…"
May 5, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Yaiza Varona
"Had to post a second time to say that Gomyra (Gremlin Hair Morning) is great! I know someone who does bellydancing here in the UK, and I would love to have got a gig writing music like this :)"
May 3, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Yaiza Varona
"Hi Yaiza,

It's been very interesting listening to your work - there's a lot of originality here. I really liked "Coffee Blue Aroma" and "Sweet". Working through the others now.

Your comments about "Not What I Had In Mind" resonated with me - the…"
May 3, 2010
miketorr commented on James Semple's blog post Creating realistic legato strings with samples
"Fascinating and detailed article James. I can't wait for the brass and woodwind ones! ;)

Seriously, this is all very useful info. As you know, I've just bought Vienna Special Edition, so I'll be hitting the learning curve in the next few weeks:…"
Apr 21, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Matthew Moore
"Hi Matt - thanks for the comments about VSL SE. Thought you'd like to know that I've just ordered the downloads - should be able to install them tomorrow evening, in between everything else I have going on - if I'm lucky. SO busy at the moment!…"
Apr 20, 2010
miketorr left a comment for Matthew Moore
"Hi again Matt - no worries about the lack of reply - there is so much to do and say online these days that we all miss stuff! Thanks for your comments, glad you like my track.

I'm hoping to buy VSL SE this month, but my car is having trouble so I…"
Apr 13, 2010
miketorr commented on miketorr's blog post Burnin' plastic!
"P.S. Just had some radio play! Xan Phillips played both my song "Shed" and my Best of British South Pole expedition overture on his show "Xan Down South" on amazingradio.co.uk yesterday. It's repeated on Sunday at 3pm BST. Xan also wrote about me in…"
Apr 3, 2010

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  • That's Alpiar in 'Euphoria'? He's excellent. Great tune!
  • Hi Mike. I just listened to the first three tracks at your website. Interesting compositions! album- 'Collision'.
  • Thanks!
    Well I think we all had an excellent time together.
    I like your music, seems you have alot of variation, definitely will check back regularly.
  • Hello Mike! It's true - one evening is far too short to have all conversations wished. But we talked a bit and I got an idea of you...
    "I like experimenting when playing my piano, sometimes trying out ideas based on mathematical concepts. Do you ever use that kind of approach?" I often use mathematical concepts - simple ones or more complicated concepts (in my wind quintet "Dämmerung" I worked with Fibonacci sequences and prime numbers). Or even more simple I remove every second or third or fourth note out of a twelve-tone scale (or twentythree-tone scales) to get a mode to work with. I once tried to write fractal music, using a fractal note generator I found in the internet, but I didn't like the result.

    I had a listen to your music yesterday and I enjoyed it very much. I will come back and comment more detailed on your work.
  • By the way Im in Poole, not that far from you.
  • Thanks Mike. Great to hook up with you too. I used real violins on that as well as sampled ones. I think thats a good mixture. I love your track Snow Pilgrim. Very interesting percussion and vocals. What did you use for that?
  • Thanks Mike :)

    Sorry for late reply? Talk to you later bro!


  • Hi Mike!

    Thanks so much for your kind words!
    Yes indeed I think that we all have many projects waiting for us in our hard disks....but isn´t it just great to have that mine ready to be discovered once in a while, just waiting for you?
    I also do bellydancing, in fact Gomyra was written for my girls, it´s dedicated to them, we have such good times together!
    I have also been listening to your work in Reverbnation, I very much liked Snow Pilgrim and Euphoria, found them quite original, love the percussion in Snow Pilgrim. I also admire the sound of your voices! very nice sound indeed!
    Very nice work Mike, very inspiring!
    Thanks again for your comment, hope you have a fantastic day!

  • Cool! Let me know how you get on. I was looking at cinematic strings in SOS.......I feel a credit card coming out.

    Omnisphere is great. Gotta spend a few days getting to know it again.

    Glad to hear you are busy. Don't worry - the money WILL come!

    I know what you mean about the giggly thing. Cool isn't it? ;-)
  • Hi there. I hope you manage to get VSL SE. IT really helped me sort out my string sound. I found (and still find) it quite hard to place the instruments in an environment - they need lots of subtle reverb fiddling but the legato effect is wonderful.

    Give me a shout when you get it and we can swap tricks :-)
This reply was deleted.