michael diemer replied to Ted Vanya's discussion Puppy love
"Hey Ted, great to see you here! I am blessed tonight to hear two lovely vocal works by members of this forum. first Gavin's wonderful song, and now your serene and soothing piece for boys choir. I enjoyed this very much, and can only envy your…"
Jul 24
michael diemer replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Online Concert Premiering 7/17
"I loved this, it's very beautiful. I especially liked the piano accompaniment. Also, the tempo changes and rythmic contrasts. The piece has a transparent lightness and elegance to it. Very refreshing and full of delights. Very suited to the lyrics.…"
Jul 24
michael diemer replied to Kjell Prytz's discussion Symphonic piece
"The main theme felt like it could be used in a film (and this would be the ultimate filmi!). It definitely has the impressive grandeur of the Big Bang - the current theory of how the universe began. No one knows how it will end, or if it even will…"
Jul 16
michael diemer replied to Ali Riza SARAL's discussion The Sea and Waves Dance Music from my musical drama 'So Long My Motherland'
"Well, twelve-tone music is alive and well! Quite well done, Ali. i don't often listen to this kind of music, but I enjoyed this thoroughly. It's great that we have such a diversity of talent on this forum. It helps us broaden our horizons, which is…"
Jul 4
michael diemer replied to Matthew Brown's discussion ĒOSTRE (2021) by Matthew Brown
" I can't recall whether I've heard your work before, Matthew, but this is a real delight. Ingo's comment was interesting - he tohught it might be virtual! Usually, we make the opposite mistake. Anyway, I thought the writing reminiscint of organ…"
Jul 4
michael diemer replied to Jos Wylin's discussion Ziganeska
"Amazingly good sound! It would fool probably 99% of listeners into thinking they were hearing a real performance. the music is well written for the instruments, and shows off some of their lesser-known abilities, like the scordatura and…"
Jul 2
michael diemer replied to Saul Gefen's discussion Lyrical Piece No. 2 for Solo Piano
"I agree, Mendelshonn had his impressionistic moments. In the Reformation Symphony, No. 5, there is what sounds to me like a depiction of Luther furiously cranking out the "99 Theses," and then a series of hard chords which could represent them being…"
Jul 2
michael diemer replied to Saul Gefen's discussion Lyrical Piece No. 2 for Solo Piano
"Like a fusion of Mendellshon and Debussy, if such a thing were possible  ("Preludes Without Words?")  Very bright and sunny. Delicate, yet powerful, the way Spring is, when life begins to stir, and becomes a cacophny of color and sound in Nature's…"
Jun 29
michael diemer replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Music for Orchestra 5
"Well, Il listened to it before reading any comments (always a good idea in my opinion). Thus, I had no preconceptions of what imagery you were attempting to evoke. My first impression was that I was in a vast cave system, with various dramatic…"
Jun 29
michael diemer replied to gregorio X's discussion Scrap of a Map - for solo piano - 3'40"
"An odd title, perhaps, but quite wonderful music. Starts out Debussyish (I always catch any Debussy influence, as he is one of my three favorite composers). Then it beomes more expressive, as opposed to impressionist. And then it returns to the…"
Jun 29
michael diemer replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Members, post your migration issues and questions here
"I think we were between a rock and a hard place. I believe the upgrade needed to happen for security  reasons. Many, if not most people still had the no-longer supported Flash player, which was not even safe when it was supporetd. The only time my…"
May 4
michael diemer replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Members, post your migration issues and questions here
"not really an issue, just an observation: It's unfortunate that we no longer have a music player for our home page. On the other hand, not having the Flash Player on the forum is a huge security plus. The upgrade was worth it for that reason alone.…"
Apr 27
michael diemer and Gavin Brown are now friends
Mar 15
michael diemer replied to michael diemer's discussion Test Posting
"The snow in Maine is plainly a pain.
Successfully edited."
Mar 6
michael diemer posted a discussion
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.
Mar 6
michael diemer replied to Charles Holt's discussion RIP Bob Morabito
"Wow, that's sad news. any loss of a fellow composer is unsettling. I hope his family and friends are doing OK. Losing someone under the current circumstances is even harder that it would otherwise be. They are in our thoughts and prayers."
Feb 10

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  • Michael,

    Just as honoured to share some great conversations with you.  We're all lucky that music is part of our lives, to whatever extent we pursue it.  Thanks for your kind words and much continued success with your work :)

  • Welcome back, Michael!

  • Thank you for the welcome, Michael. I have actually been a member here for a couple of years, and I have posted all of my tunes. I'm not sure what location on this website they appeared in, but people did respond, so I know they got heard. I posted them in Music Analysis And Critique. I have enjoyed the input from the members here. 

  • Thank you! I'm hoping to post more soon. I'm enjoying listening to others work, though I'm traveling at the moment and I can't access many audio files from my phone.
  • Skating is a fabulous little piece, reminiscent (to my ear) of some of Jongen's works. It would make for an excellent National Film Board score.

  • Thanks, Michael, I'll post there once I have the equipment/software for making PDF's of my music.

    I can see now that I'll have to learn how to use Finale or Sibelius or both. I've had both for years, but have taken only a cursory look at them.

  • Can't wait to trade fours on feedback man, I'll post some music soon. 

  • Thank you for welcoming me to the site and getting me started, Michael. I'm sure I'll see you around in the comment threads! Cheers, René

  • Thank you for your encouraging words Michael!

  • Thank you Michael!

    I have already taken my time to read a number of interesting threads and blogs and get used to this forum. I will be posting some music at some stage - whenever I'm ready. 

    I'm currently working on a very short virtual piano+strings+choir thingy which I hope to get to a stage when I can call it ready (not finished as they never are). I am still learning the ropes of "virtual  orchestration" and proper production practices. At the same time I'm  trying to learn how to properly structure the music and develop my usually shortish ideas to a longer pieces of music. I find it extremely challenging to get the musical balance right, especially with strings. Well, I think like with real instruments, it just takes a lot of time and requires practice and more practice to get it right. 



This reply was deleted.