fillgood replied to fillgood's discussion NoName #1
"Thanks very much for your comment! Yes it definitely lacks a stronger presence of the bass. I guess a good audio recording + mixing would have rendered this less perceptible. Will keep this as a basis maybe for an interlude in a bigger piece.
Jan 7, 2015
22b8n9x97ddrd replied to fillgood's discussion NoName #1
"I like the accompanying chords/background to this very much, although just a little more activity in the bass would probably serve it better, I think. Not too much activity, though... Perhaps also some brush drums? The trumpet does seem a little…"
Jan 6, 2015
fillgood replied to Jenny Leigh Hodgins's discussion Your Feedback on Piano Composition
Very nice, did you write note for note before playing or are you improvising over a chart?
I could see very well this piece as an intro to an orchestral development around the theme.
And nice playing as far as I can hear."
Jan 6, 2015