Yaiza Varona left a comment for Robert "Robby" Piotrowski
"Hi Robby, thank you so much!
I have enjoyed "For Miriam" very much, especially the piano writing - powerful!
Greetings to you too, hope you have a great day! :-)"
Aug 29, 2011
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Art Hughes
"Hi Art, thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you liked it :-)
I´ve also enjoyed your music, especially Joelle´s Valentine, I loved the soft string writing in the beginning, very nice and delicate. Congratulations!
Thank you again, hope you´re…"
Aug 29, 2011
Yaiza Varona left a comment for P.Petridis
"Beautiful work! I loved Same dream, very nice texture :-)"
Mar 15, 2011
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Ansgar Kreutz
"Hi Ansgar, thanks for the add! and for your kind words :-)
Very interesting stuff you have here, thanks for sharing! How lively Balkan sounds! I especially enjoyed Halleluja...must have been very impressive to attend its performance.
Mar 15, 2011
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Matt Le Mare
"Hi Matt! Thank you so much! I´m so happy you liked it. Yes, it was all on my own, both for good and bad! :-)
The music uploaded here is just for my fun (not for a brief in most cases) so I feel free to experiment as I see fit. Great stuff you have…"
Feb 25, 2011
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Matt Le Mare
"Hi Matt, thanks for the add! Very interesting music you have here! Thank you so much for sharing it. Hope you have a nice day! :-)
Feb 25, 2011
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Doug Lauber
"Hi Doug, thanks so much for your kind words, I´m happy you enjoyed them.
I have listened to your music, I loved Solstice, it´s very solidly structured and articulated, and yet you can feel it flow...! Beautiful work!
Hope you are fine, take care,…"
Nov 23, 2010
Yaiza Varona commented on Thomas Van Beeck's blog post Forum Composium review
"Thomas, I stayed in the UK until the 20th, 8 days this time that seemed like 8h!! Hope next time time doesn´t fly that quick and we all can chat a bit more!"
Oct 26, 2010
Yaiza Varona commented on James Semple's blog post The Composiums
"Thanks Marie-Anne and you for organising it!"
Oct 26, 2010
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Rican Lee
"Hi Rican, thank you so much for listening to my work and for your kind words! I have been listening to your work, it´s so nice! Is there a story behind the naming of your tracks, Rican? Wish you a great day!"
Oct 26, 2010
Yaiza Varona commented on Thomas Van Beeck's blog post Forum Composium review
"Such a nice review Thomas. I think it was really brave and sweet of you to come join the Composium. It was great to meet you and a great inspiration too! It´s always a pleasure to share about music with other composers, it helps renew one´s energies…"
Oct 22, 2010
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Portia Graves
"Hi Portia!
I´m listening to your work and must say I love it...I love the introspective and intimate sound of Secret Garden Piano, and the dream-like atmosphere you inspire. Wonderful work, thanks so much for sharing!"
Oct 5, 2010
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Marie-Anne Fischer
"Dear Marie-Anne,

I am listening to your "Tomorrow", and everytime I enjoy it more. I like the simple, intimate atmosphere you manage to create, so soft and delicate. But what I am most impressed with, is that violin! Wonderful writing indeed!!…"
Jun 28, 2010
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Leslie Quarcoopome
"Hi Leslie,

Your work is impressive. I have enjoyed listening to it, no doubt how your orchestrator skills manage to give such a deep dimension to it. I especially liked "The person in the mirror", I liked the delicate texture of it, almost…"
Jun 25, 2010
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Matthew Moore
"Hi Matthew!

Finally, I found your music here! I´m glad I did it! Very much enjoyed, especially "Ethnic influecnes montage", which I am listening to in a loop. I like the transitions! They keep the ear "awake" :-) I especially liked the 1:45 change,…"
Jun 25, 2010
Yaiza Varona left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Hi Fredrick, thanks so much for the heads up!

I´ve listening to your Essay for Orchestra, congratulations!
Especially for the length of it, as I think I have already told at some point, I very much admire the ability of writing long, coherent…"
May 24, 2010

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  • Part 2
    "Gomyra (Gremlin hair morning)"
    While I would almost rank this with "Hotel," there is so much variety in its constant changes that I am never tempted to change the channel (so to speak). Plus there's those harkenings back to the melody of "The Cat in the Hat" that keep me listening for other possible "references" -- an interesting musical way of those implying those "coffee break with a coworker or our baby smiling for one tiny instant from the craddle. " moments of your description.

    "Coffee blue aroma"
    Nice and hypnotic. I love the muffled instrument that first appears at :18 and next at 1:03. I find myself listening harder, focussing on that sound like someone who's ears are plugged and is struggling to clear them to hear better. The garbled male voice that enters at about 2:07 brings up the same imagery to me. (My only disliked part was the drum and high tin whistle-like instrument (2:34-2:52); this just sounded thin and unsatisfying to me.)

    "The Eyes"
    This one's a real change of pace from all that came before it (assuming there's any connection, such as if these were all on an album). If that were the case, this would be -- to me -- the wrong piece to end with. This is either the least developed of all the pieces or is simply lacking some human-feeling aspect. I really don't know. But I say this all coming to it after all the ones above. When heard within this group of songs -- such as between "Sweet" and "Cat" -- it feels right as it is and very fitting. (So just understand that my impression of this was very much tied to where it fell in the order in which I heard it among your other posted pieces.)
  • Yaiza, I'm finally finding the time to give a really good listen to your posted pieces. And -- be forewarned -- I can be verbose!

    Part 1
    "Not What I Had in Mind"
    What can I say? The didgeridoo is an entrancing addition to this piece and its arrangement.

    I love the way this lulls me into its world: at first in a narro way (melodically/harmonically) and then is pulls more and more from other levels until it has me completely.

    "The Cat in the Hat"
    I'd love to have been in the audience for this one! Not sure how original (or not) the melody is, but with a fun piece like this it doesn't really matter. This piece has grabbed me from the first time I visited your page. (I hope that doesn't come across like a backhanded compliment. It's cewrtainly not intended that way.)

    "Hotel Paradise, Viccolo ..."
    This wasn't of as much interest to me as the above, but I suspect that's because I'm not drawn in by this style of music (more repeated chord progression than melody), but I did really like the beginning at 1:47 because it was a welcome contrast for me.
  • Hi Yaiza,

    It was so nice to chat to you the other night. I very much enjoyed listening to all of your music.
    I like the way you use different cultural influences, sounds and motifs that all blend together into your own musical style.

    Keep in touch!
  • thx.. for listening.. have good day..
  • hi Yaiza, Very thanks for your sweet comment :) my composition doesn't belong any movie I imagine the picture and I composed it:) I'm using cubase sx 5 for my music projects for my orchestral works I use eastwest symphonic orchestra gold xp vsti . I like your workss too and find it very interesting and your musics also include ethnic themes and elements importantly I very like coffee blue aroma)
  • One small note: I personally love spoken word....I would love to hear your written intro/description of Hotel Paradise spoken before the music starts, or perhaps over one underlying tonic tone.....just a thought. It's a charming discription. MM
  • Hi Yaiza, sorry I didn't get to you yesterday....had a computer problem. This old computer is nearly out of storage space and I had to delete tons of my kids' games last night to clear the disc.....it was too full to even operate. Anyway, here is the info I wanted to tell you about, in terms of selling. Nimbit is the one that is recommended by ASCAP to its members. Derek Sivers recommends Reverbnation and I've read others who say that is probably the single most important online tool for indie artist marketing. I discovered the Bizmo a while back. You can set up an on line store free (you can add it to any web page you control....ditto for Reverbnation) but for thirty dollars a year, you can do a limitless number of songs on a world wide network of download sites....all the majors everywhere.
    Listening to your music, I understand your membership in the World Music group....Cat in the Hat sounds very Klezmer like...Grimlins has a mid-Eastern flavor to me and Hotel Paradise sounds what? Asian? Do you use computer generated sounds? I like the clarity and uncluttered sense of your music....
    One note, you cannot submit the same song to online download sites thru multiple third parties. If you do, they'll be rejected automatically. You have to settle on one and stick with it. Hope this helps. Martha Maria
  • Thanks for the friend ad. I'll get back to you tomorrow with that info as well. My husband is waiting for me right now. I liked "Not What I Had In Mind." Will have time to listen to more tomorrow. Also agreed with what you wrote about compositions being born from what are initially 'mistakes.' I find that quite a lot....the accidents turns out the best. Nice meeting you. Bye, Martha Maria
  • Hi Yaiza! I just posted "Walpurgis Night" we talked about. Many thanks for having a listen :-) Rudi
  • Thanks Yaiza,

    Elves was composed in "american style", there is much fantasy background.
    I will buy your album on Amiestreet. It would be a practice among composers. Don't you?
This reply was deleted.