Travis Coats replied to Jason C.'s discussion Any Advice?
"Surprisingly, your story is similar to mine. I was 1st chair Trombone all through highschool, played since 6th grade on and loved it! I was inspired to focus on piano (which at that point I only dabbled in) by the creations of Nobuo Uematsi, Jeremy…"
Aug 12, 2011
Travis Coats replied to Henri Vartio's discussion How to build "non tonal" harmonies?
"I could learn a lot of lessons from you.

Roberto Soggetti said:

Greg Brus said:
Roberto Soggetti said:point 2 is serial composing, but it took too long to write point 1 so I have to procrastinate it until next time! :)

I consider serialism to…"
Aug 12, 2011
Travis Coats replied to Andrew Gleibman's discussion What are music genres today?
"I hate trying to categorize music in that manner. I've been writing my own little style/version of stuff for years and I still don't know what the hell to call age, dark ambient, sci-fi experimental, pop, what...? I only mention those…"
Aug 12, 2011
Travis Coats replied to Jacob Royal's discussion Your FIVE favorite composers.
"LOL - my list will consist of a mix of film, game, contemporary and classical composers. I can see the general taste is for classical. :) Its not in order and if you ask me tomorrow it might change. Five is just not enough and much too hard an…"
Apr 30, 2011
Travis Coats replied to Doc K's discussion Do I belong here, or some other forum?
"Doc K,
I am not classically trained, in the traditional expression of that slogan, and I tend to write a lot of lyrical pieces (I can't sing to save my life, but that is another story). I wouldn't mind chit chatting about some things, but I am not…"
Apr 30, 2011
Travis Coats replied to Fernando Ortega's discussion Scoring a short film
"Like Doug said it really is a guessing game until you get some visuals. Even if the visuals are clips or still frames, you don't really have much to go on without them. A lot of small movie directors might already know what they are going for, but…"
Apr 17, 2011

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