Toperz replied to Natanel Arnson's discussion New trailer music!
"I am not a pro in this area but there are few things that I like specially about this one. At first the way your score starts is really nice and I was kind of disappointed that you didnt use it again in the middle when the melody fades. I mean the…"
Jan 23, 2014
Toperz replied to Toperz's discussion First [almost] composition
"Thank you for such deep analyze! Belive me or not but I can hear that this song is full of places to improve but thanks to other opinions I can strive to make it even more better. Honestly, I didn't knew that it was bas from White Lines. How did you…"
Jan 22, 2014
Christopher Sahar replied to Toperz's discussion First [almost] composition
"Okay, well you chose a nice ostinato - that is a repeating figure in the synthesizer to repeat. The added melody and countermelody given until 1:33 is nice but eventually meanders as you bring in another sound to add to the low bass and ostinato.  …"
Jan 6, 2014

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