Timothy Lee Miller left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"Hi Martha,
My sister's name is Kym Afong. She teaches in one of the elementary schools there, and her husband, Scott works at ORNL. We grew up in East Knoxville, but each of us has lived literally all over this country.
Thanks for checking out…"
May 15, 2011
Timothy Lee Miller left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
A pleasure to meet you. My sister lives in Oak Ridge. I, of course, grew up in Knoxville. I enjoyed listening to your music . . . very enchanting!
May 13, 2011

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  • Hi there,  No, I haven't run into your sister in Oak Ridge.  Is she musical too?  MM
  • Hi, What is your sister's name?  Perhaps I know her.  Not likely, but maybe.  Oak Ridge is a small town.  I also enjoyed your music.  I also liked the comment from the professor who said you were someone not afraid to compose beautiful music. I think that was on your website. Was it Don Pederson?  I think that might have been the name.  I don't know him.  In fact, I don't really know anyone at U.T.  I'm not a trained composer, but a dedicated amateur, in the true sense of the word: one who does it only for the love.  About beautiful music,  I feel the same way.  If music is not beautiful, for me, there's no point.  I liked your children's pieces especially.  Thank you for the friendship on here.  Martha Maria
  • Welcome to the Composers' Forum
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