The Red Badger of Courage left a comment for Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]
"Hi Rudi thanks for listening to my stuff. I like your music, too! That's some bad-ass piano playing on Mood Sixteen and Miniataur. Some of your other stuff like WLP Section remind me of Final Fantasy 3. This is great, keep it up!"
Feb 18, 2010
The Red Badger of Courage left a comment for Albert De La Vega
"Hmm you're the 2nd person to say "The Cave" should've been longer. Maybe I should start heeding the advice of my peers, eh? The title "The Cave" suggests that it should go much deeper....perhaps I will explore it some more and see where it takes me.…"
Feb 18, 2010
The Red Badger of Courage left a comment for Albert De La Vega
"You're funny! And you're music is beautiful. Make more"
Feb 18, 2010
The Red Badger of Courage commented on Shad Young's blog post To School or Not to School
"Hi Shad,

I realize my reply is a few months late, but try out these sites. I've been using them the past few weeks and have learned a lot. Great starting out point! (Has a lot of music drills, sight reading, etc.)…"
Feb 18, 2010
The Red Badger of Courage replied to Timo Pierre Rositzki's discussion A Place Called Denia
"Very epic! This piece totally took me to the place in that photo that went along with it. I use East West too! When I hear an amazing piece like this that was made using that software, it's very inspiring as I have only had it for a few months and…"
Feb 17, 2010

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  • No, I didnt make it. I did what every good American does...steal it and pass it off as his own!!. It is pretty cool I must admit. I really should change those pics, though. The ghost of Johnnie Cochrane will a-be-knockin soon. Regarding the Cave, it is only my opinion regarding its lenght, but I do the same thing leaving many pieces either short or unfinished. I cant ask for much more, that's all the time my wife lets me have to play music. The rest of the time she's telling me "massage my feet", or "take out the garbage" or "Let me gouge out my ears so I dont have to listen to Vasiliev for the enth time!". Just a thought. Keep in touch
  • Thanks for noticing my humor. Sadly, it is lost on most. Thanks also for the comments on my junk. And by junk I mean my music, not my gonads. Although I have been told I have fantastic gonads. No I don't. I made that up. They kinda look like lasagna. I should probably go to the Doctor. I also have to agree with Rudi, "Fiddle Fun" is great (especially slow legato part), and would've liked "the Cave" to be a little longer. But who doesn't want it to be longer, OOHH!!! (a la Andrew Dice Clay)
  • Hello Red Badger! "a specialty in indie pop/rock, electronic and classical compositions" could be an exaggeration, but it isn't. I've listened to all of your music here with pleasure. "Fiddle Fun" I liked most. The vivid first part is so catching, that I hoped it came back after the slow part. But that was no problem, thanks to the repeat button. Very good music! Thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Rudi
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