Steve Luck left a comment for Bob Safir
"hi bob the screened music site is still in beta and will 'go live' in september i think. they provided the first opportunity to pitch for an ad earlier this month. the work went to one of the screened music composers and i think the aim is that they…"
Jun 28, 2007
Steve Luck left a comment for miketorr
"thanks for the comments mike - i think i saw your name on the music for the media forum - i finished that course a few years ago now and found it really helpful in terms of gearing everything up for finding work - anyway - good luck"
Jun 26, 2007
Steve Luck left a comment for Bob Safir
"hi bob
thanks for your kind words about 'crying sometimes' - i have really enjoyed listening to your tracks too. i agree with much of your myspace blog comments about finding work - there is a site currently being set up in the uk at…"
Jun 26, 2007

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  • Hi Steve - I checked out that website, Screened Music. It looks you know whether or not they have been successful in actually landing work for people? I know they screen the music and use industry panelists, but I don't see much reference to facilitating the ability to land actual scoring gigs. Do you have any more insight into this? Thanks... -Bob
  • Hi again Steve - yes you're right, I'm on the MFTM course - just started. Glad to hear it was useful to you!
  • Steve...really nice cuts..."Crying Sometimes" is such a unique orchestration and color...enjoyed it lots!
  • Hey,Steve
    Great songs and thanks for the invite
  • Hi Steve, thanks for the add. Your work sounds top notch. I plan to learn from you :)
  • It's a real pleasure listening to your work, Steve. I look forward to hearing more.
  • Thanks for the invite!
    Gintha and the Enchantress, right?
    Very nice. I hope to see some of the film somehow.
  • Hi Steve! Glad to have you here. I hope you will consider posting some of your music and photos of your studio setup here!
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