Stephen Doheny replied to Simon Godden's discussion OUCH! Installation of EWQLSO 32-bit (only a 32-bit DAW) going very badly.
"Good Morning Simon.....
Yes after you install the first installation disc, it should open up the path of the location of the EWQL directory. (Make a note of this path)....Then take disc # 2, 3 and copy and past the contents of those discs ( .DLL…"
Mar 9, 2011
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Julian Ayacannoo
"Thanks Julian for your comments. I appreciate them too. I agree with you about receiving criticism is good to have...its how we learn, its how we grow. When you present music to the untrained ear or family and friends, they tend to be more biased…"
Feb 15, 2011
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Julian Ayacannoo
"Hey Julian
Love the new compositions. God War... nice touch with the Duduk could be toned down just a smudge, Cellos could be more marcatto. Score sounds great... reminds me of Call of Duty segments.Still love the Victorious composition...Good job…"
Feb 14, 2011
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Julian Ayacannoo
"HI Julian!
Love this work! very nice temperament to it and rhythm.Kind of sounds like The Da Vinci code in the beginning. What is the music based on? What software are you using EWQL???
I think this sounds great my friend!! Keep it going!!
I have…"
Nov 7, 2010
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Julian Ayacannoo
"Hi Julian!!
Thanks for your kind words. I am working on some more scores. I just received LA Scoring Strings! Amazing stuff!
Yes I look forward in hearing your work too. Do you use EWQL?? What instruments do you play?
I want to write some local news…"
Oct 19, 2010
Stephen Doheny posted a photo
Jun 30, 2010
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Scott Haskin
"Hey Scott!! good to hear from you again!!! How are you my friend!! Hey check out my test song added..."You Hold the Key" The vocalist is 16yrs old!! She wrote the music, lyrics. I wrote the orchestrations on the fly since she provided me with no…"
Sep 26, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Hello Fredrick!!
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I will change things around to see what I can come out with. I also need to add some clarinets with the Eng Horn. I like your persective on the scores approach and will give it a try. I…"
Aug 23, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Marie-Anne Fischer
"Thank you Marie Anne for your kindest words also. I am currently working on a remake of Griegs "Morning" using EWQL Platinum. I may keep it orignal and also add some differentials too :-) I dont know if other composers would agree with the "add-ons"…"
Jun 28, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Marie-Anne Fischer
"Hello Marie-Anne :-)
Thank you for accepting our friendship! I truly enjoyed your compostions. What sofware are you using? Do you use live instruments? I use EWQL Symphonic Platinum and several others :-)
I hope that you enjoy us all here at CF.…"
Jun 27, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for David Naranjo
"Hello Xcid
Thank you again for your comments and appreciation. Its truly great to know that I have friends out here like you. I really enjoyed your music as well. Silence Melody is very relaxing! It reminds me of Yanni!! I think you have great…"
Jun 24, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Ronald (rolifer) Ferguson
"Hello Ronald & welcome to the forum...The real one :-)
I see you on EWQL. You have very nice work here. Thank you for your comments on Toccata & Fugue. Not sure I did it justice, however, it was fun to arrange. You mean you never heard a french horn…"
Feb 27, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for David Naranjo
"Very cool website too! Now I will have to update so I can keep up with the "jones's" :-)"
Jan 24, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for David Naranjo
"Thanks David for your kind words! Welcome to the FORUM! You will find friendly people and fellow composers/musicians that will always be here to help and assist you..including me :-) What software are you using?
Keep up your great work my friend! I…"
Jan 24, 2009
Stephen Doheny left a comment for Lori Sweeney
"Thanks Lori!
So far I am still out $100k ;-) No news is good news! Thanks for listening to my work! I enjoyed your piano works :-) from one pianist to another,
Have a joyous Christmas Season!
Dec 17, 2008
Stephen Doheny posted a video
New Theme Music Competition. This is my entry.
Dec 10, 2008

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  • Thanks for the critic Stephen! its been awhile since Ive heard advice for my music, everyone else around me just seems to be amazed out of there mind because they wouldn't know the bad from the good with orchestral music but it's nice to hear it criticized by a fellow composer! And yes i heard your Christmas orchestrations! i loved them they had a very warm tone to them and the believability of real instruments almost had me fooled also! Sometime when rushed we tend to put together so of our best work!
  • Hey Stephen! Hows everything going? I uploaded acouple of new songs! check them out when you get the chance.
  • Hey Stephen thanks for the feed back! I used EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold for just about everything but the ethnic percussive elements in the song were different samples of african and middle eastern drums that i found for free that sounded REALLY crappy until i added some effects on them but yeah i do here the DaVinci Code in there! that piece was actually final project in one of my audio production classes
  • Hey Stephen! i uploaded a track, if you find the time take a listen!
  • Haha cool im looking foward to it and you pieces sound amazing! ill have to post one of mine so you can take a listen!
  • Hi Stephen! Great to be back in touch.

    You Hold The Key - beautifully done, I must say. The orchestrations added a great deal of emotion to the voice. She has a wonderful singing voice as well. I will be honest (would you expect any less from me?) and tell you I did not care for the mix. I think the music was a little too quiet and did not blend as well with her voice. It sounded more as if she was in a vocal booth than with the orchestra but the song itself was wonderful. Nice work, especially considering the circumstances. Don't you just love workin gon the fly like that?

    Things are great here, thank you. Since we last spoke, I have worked oin a number of films and commercials as well as background music for training films, a video game and even wrote a book called,"Becoming An Indie Film Composer."

    What happened with the Regis & Kelly contest? The piece you composed was brilliant!
  • Congratulations. It was beautiful.
  • Hello Stephen,
    Thank you for your kind words, its lovely to meet you! I very much enjoyed listening to your music. You have such great diversity. I especially like Gameday 2008 Theme. Well, to answer your questions, I use Logic pro 8 and only Logic sounds at the moment however I had Kontakt 3 delivered on Friday :-) I used to use Sonar with Roland JV2080, Yamaha MU-80 and Alesis. I haven't used live instruments yet, but hope to do so one day.
    You are right - there are many very talented composers here and everybody has been welcoming. Its been great!
    All the best to you,
  • Amazing music as always!!! you are such as great composer and music producer!!
  • Stephen,
    Tocotta and Fugue in D minor is my favorite Organ piece of all time and I must say that you did it justice. Well done....Ron
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