Shad Young commented on Shad Young's video
"Thanks. :)
Have fun making your own. However you do it, it should be rewarding."
Jan 26, 2011
Shad Young commented on Shad Young's video
"Hi Ann,
No the artwork was all hand drawn and the background hand painted using photoshop."
Jan 25, 2011
The Red Badger of Courage commented on Shad Young's blog post To School or Not to School
"Hi Shad,

I realize my reply is a few months late, but try out these sites. I've been using them the past few weeks and have learned a lot. Great starting out point! (Has a lot of music drills, sight reading, etc.)…"
Feb 18, 2010
Shad Young replied to Luis Jardi's discussion Mi musical work for a videoclip
"Impressive indeed."
Oct 27, 2009
Shad Young replied to Miguel Marquez's discussion My filmscorish compositions ...
"Beautiful. Really quite beautiful. I have nothing to criticize with the music."
Oct 27, 2009
Shad Young replied to Eric Darr's discussion Piano Piece
"I listened to this and thought it was very pretty, and was most impressed with a few things in this piece. When I read the first comment, I was a little surprised, but then again, there are those who only follow the rules, and cannot see beyond…"
Oct 27, 2009
Shad Young posted a photo
Oct 12, 2009
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter commented on Shad Young's blog post To School or Not to School
"Shad, I'm an amateur too. I bump up against my limitations every day. Listen to your own heart about going back to one else can tell you what you should do. I will, however, tell you what I did.
I do kind of resonate with Fredrick's…"
Oct 6, 2009
Shad Young commented on Shad Young's blog post To School or Not to School

Thank you for your thoughts. I have been looking into modes this evening, and frankly, I am about as lost as I have ever been. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. The problem is, where do I begin? All the areas I look at…"
Oct 6, 2009
Shad Young replied to James Oppenheimer's discussion Comments on my pieces
"I had listened to the first three earlier. I did not comment, mostly because I have nothing intelligent to say. Composition wise, I am weak. My strength is in productions at this time, and you already addressed that in your post.

I doubt that a new…"
Oct 6, 2009
Shad Young left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"Open source started with the software industry in 1988 as a response to the increasing restrictive licensing and copyright restrictions on software and the complete lack of credit given to the authors.

It is about freedom.

The basic premise is…"
Oct 6, 2009
James Oppenheimer commented on Shad Young's blog post To School or Not to School
"I recall you said that others speak with a vocabulary you don't understand. I have a similar problem, because, while I intuitively know how to construct chords, build passages, etc., I don't really know the vocabulary. One thing I am trying to do is…"
Oct 6, 2009
Shad Young left a comment for Chris Dargay
"Thanks man! :)"
Oct 6, 2009
Shad Young left a comment for Tomislav Rajkovic
"Hello back from Canada. :-)

I would love to work on a song with you. I am always up for a collaboration. Anytime you feel like it, drop me a note.

Oct 5, 2009
Shad Young left a comment for Chris Dargay
"Cool songs Chris. I enjoyed Undertaker a lot.

Oct 5, 2009
Shad Young left a comment for Alan Fleming Baird
"Welcome Alan, I checked out your site. Quite the resume you have.

Oct 5, 2009

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  • Hi, after long time gone. Am listening to your Chasing Emerson. Sounds very much like the 60's to me (which from me, is a complement--I've been lost in the 60's forever.) I noticed in your notes you've got some new equipment. I just bought some too, but haven't unboxed it (Roland v770---a vocal thing.) I'm always intimidated by the manuals and the steep learning curve. What did you decide about school? I'm going back to school myself starting Jan. 14th. Taking Pro Tools and Intro. to MacIntosh. Anticipating being the oldest and slowest student in the class, but I'm not going to sweat that or the grade. I'm just there to learn as much as I can. I loaded some new songs last night. Have been songwriting like crazy, but not recording many of them. The part I like is the writing, not the doing. As soon as I finish one song, I'm restless to move on to the next puzzle. Hope to hear from you. Happy New Year, Martha Maria
  • Thanks for your tutorial on the Open Source Movement. I had never heard of it before. I went to the Jamendo site today. Have you or do you know anyone who has put their music on Jamendo? It seems like it is based on the honor system, if I'm reading it correctly. If you have any personal experience with Jamendo, I'd be interested in hearing more. I'm wondering if Jamendo doesn't function like a music library....for all kinds of commercial projects. Thanks. Martha
  • I read your comment about the Open Source Movement. I'd be interested in knowing more about what you know about that movement. My "Free Tibet" video was a wonderful gift from Lopsang Sherpa in Nepal, because he went to my website and I was giving away the song. I never could have paid to have his wonderful video made, but it was a gift. A classic case of loaves and fishes, kind of. Getting back more than what you give. Anyway, I would like to hear more from you about Open Source.
  • I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi essence of the lead on Old Man. Spacy music !!!
  • Hi, I watched Close Encounter. 100,000 YouTube Viewers! That's impressive. How do you get your name out there and bring viewers to your work on YouTube? Or is that a trade secret? I'd love to know.
    Also, I don't know about how remuneration works on YouTube. Do people actually make money doing YouTube or is it strictly for the notoriety? Martha Maria
  • Hello Shad,big HELLOO from Serbia,from Tomislav,well what can I say about your music.Wonderful really wonderful,hey hope we combined this kind genre of your music wiht some of my Balkan beat?heheSee you
  • Hi Shad, My son and I were just watching a couple of your videos....the handdrawn "Escape from Singapore" and the Tramp Steamer. My son just started learning animation this year at his highschool....he's in the Graphic Arts Academy at our local high school. I especially like the black and white and the rain gives it almost a grainy, old newsreel kind of feel. I hope you'll post more explanatory notes about all your videos. Nice work. Martha Maria
  • Hi,I am also new,thanks for the help,I am also started with everthing here so for shure I will let you know.By the way I am from Serbia,I play,compose and write the Balkan music.When I add some music you can hear,hope you will like it.See you
    Know By
  • Hi Shad, Thanks. I don't know about British, Scottish/Irish. I was raised here in the mountains and grew up playing an Appalachian dulcimer. I just write what I feel...I guess melody is the thing that's most important to me as a composer. I love lyrics too. I'm kind of weak on rhythm. I need to figure out how to use the drum loops on my Roland recorder, but am intimidated by anything techical....I guess I'm too lazy to study too.
    About piano technique, have you listented to Fernando Vasquez' page? He plays beautifully. Thanks for adding me as a friend. Listening to your piece yesterday, I thought you had a lot of talent....and some new and quirky ideas. As I think I indicated yesterday, I LIKE quirky and unique. Bye, Martha
  • Hi Shad, thanks a lot for the comments, it's great to get such a good welcome from everyone on the site, It really helps especially since I was unsure if this was a place for me since composing is merely hobby to me. Everyone seems very friendly and willing to help each other regardless of their ability which is great.

    Your music is of a genre I really enjoy listening to, there's nothing like some relaxing instrumental music to sit back to and enjoy. I'm listening to "The Young Boy" it's very very good, well done. I will have a listen of the rest when I get some time, back to work in the meantime! :D
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