Sean McGee commented on James Semple's blog post Composers' Forum Get-together in London in late February
"Time permitting I'm in as well.
Will be nice to finally meet all my virtual friends!"
Feb 6, 2010
Sean McGee left a comment for Cyril C.
"Sounds like you already are my new friend!!"
Feb 3, 2010
Sean McGee commented on John Doryk's blog post Currently scoring "For Love of Liberty" for PBS
"John, that's really cool!
How'd ya get the gig?

Oct 26, 2009
Sean McGee posted photos
Oct 24, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Colin
"Hey there!
You have a certain 'cool' that I really like!
Very diverse arragements and fab production ;)
Keep me posted on any new tracks ;)
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Mark Gosney
"Hi Mark
I agree with Fredrick, and I personally feel that a strong melody is key.
Musical fashions come and go but at the end of the day we all love a compelling tune to get stuck in our heads.
Bravo mate and keep up the good work ;)
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for James Semple
"Hi mate
Sorry I haven't been in touch! Summer deadlines etc.
Just wanted to congratulate you and yours on you new arrival!

Maybe, post nappy change, we can have that get together we chatted about!
Incidently, some of my new tracks are up now so…"
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Marc Juenger
"Welcome onboard!
Be cool to upload some stuff so we can hear ya!!!"
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Matthew Moore
"Wow!! Really cool you like my stuff ;)
The sample you speak of is incuded in the EWSOPlatPlus. I used it because I was looking to get that heart renching sadness into it. I think it's pretty cool and glad you agree!
I have to admit to being…"
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Matthew Moore
"Loving your work mate! Your production is immence ; )
What packages are you using and how do you find them?
I've recently upgraded to EastWest, Vienna and Symphobia.
Still trying to get the best out of 'em!!!

I was reading your conversation with…"
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Wendy Boots
"Hi Wendy
I'm loving 'Baggy'. If I listened to that first thing in the morning, I wouldn't ever be late for work!!!lol
For some reason it makes me think of cleaning your teeth, whilst drinking a morning cuppa and kissing the wife on the way out the…"
Oct 23, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Andrew Wonders
"Thanks for the kind words dude.
I've only just upgraded my system this year and the top few tracks on my profile are the first I've produced with it all.
MASSIVE learning curve, but I think it's gonna work out ok.
Stay in touch mate.
Oct 22, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Oded Fried-Gaon
"Thanks for the feedback bro.
HUGE compliment as well!!!

I'm feelin' funky!!!lol

Cheers and stay in touch ;)
Oct 22, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Mattias Holmgren
"Yes indeed.....I second what Andrew has said here ;)
Maybe we should all embark on a Composer's Forum Metal project!!!?? haha.
Cheers dude.
Oct 21, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Andrew Wonders
"Dude.....That's some cool genres of interest!!
I used to play guitar for a british metal band called 'Thirteenth Sign'.
Left just as they got signed :(
Still.........wouldn't be doing this now if I was still on the road!! lol.
Take it easy
Oct 20, 2009
Sean McGee left a comment for Davide Severi
"Hello and welcome ;)
Hope you find this place as great as I do!
Why not upload some tunes so we can hear what you do?
Oct 20, 2009

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  • Hi Sean. Thanks for the invite. Great stuff up on your website. I like the krays theme particularly.

    Managed to get away from the doc scene for a bit as one of the composers I work with very kindly offered me some cues on a Polish feature he's working on. Once that's done I have to get some more tracks on my site and then go marketing :-)

    Yep I'm an eastwest and VSL guy. Just deciding at the moment which way to invest a bit more cash. Either more VSl or the new cinematic strings...I'm not sure. :-)

    About 2.30 into the kray theme you layer solo violin over your string line. That works really well! What is it? A sample from east west? A great idea. I must remember that. The VSL strings would sound so much better with a solo in there as well.
  • Hi Sean, thanks for the welcome. Great themes and very inspiring sir! Cheers Daz
  • Hi Sean, great 2 be part of your 'network'. Hope to share some ideas later maybe?

  • LOL. funk away, baby! cheers.
  • Haunted is definitely haunted, and 50s theme is gorgeous! For some reason, Railways belongs in Sakamoto/Byrne's Last Emperor soundtrack - and that's a compliment. beautiful, vast, grand... NICE!
  • One more comment here... "50's Theme" is AWESOME! Sounds like the musical lovechild of Ennio Morricone and Loreena McKennit :)
  • Sean, thanks for your comment and the friend add. I recently left a band that was trying to get signed... It's kinda strange; I desire, and have no problem with the idea of doing orchestral/film score music for a living, but the idea of becoming a "rock star" i.e: making a ton of money and fame from playing metal (I'm a guitarist too btw) really turned me off... Anyway, thanks for stopping by my page. You have some great pieces of music here. "London in the 50's" is really up my alley... slow, melodic, moody. Great production too!
  • Thank you for the kind words. I'd say you're already creating some wonderful themes. Very warm, lush arrangements and a cool diversity of styles. I really enjoyed listening to your music.


    John William Doryk
    award winning film composer/sound designer
    Night Sky Music & Sound Design
  • Curious is that a real electric guitar on Tunnels of the Underground (or VSTi)?
  • Dear Sean,

    Thanks v. much for the Friend invite, and your generous comment on my Tolkien song.

    Not sure what I can do about the volume! It's a quiet song, and I am not sure how I would go about raising the overall volume level. However, will bear the issue in mind if/when making future MP3s of the songs.

    All the best, and thank you for your interest. Charles.
This reply was deleted.