Sam Umar replied to Gerd Prengel's discussion Andante dolente for Piano
"I'm in the middle of working and found you work here. Listening to it feels just right. The calming melody in the beginning, and then the ryhmic pattern in the mid, with still the melody playing. The structure develops there, before it comes back to…"
Jun 20
Sam Umar replied to Sam Umar's discussion The Message - a composition with a saying
"Hi Dane,Thank you for listening to the piece. Glad I could sort of help easing your moment. Appreciated your thought regarding the music.Regards,Sam"
Jun 19
Sam Umar replied to Sam Umar's discussion The Message - a composition with a saying
"Hi Ingo,
Thank you so much for taking your time listening. Really appreciated it.
Jun 19
Dane Aubrun replied to Sam Umar's discussion The Message - a composition with a saying
"A piece so easy to listen to. It's the early hours for me after a very hot day. I feel cool now as the night, still a little warm holds me from sleep. So this sort of floated through the warm tranquil. 
The balance works very well and it flows. Only…"
Jun 18
Ingo Lee replied to Sam Umar's discussion The Message - a composition with a saying
"Hi Sam - This is a pleasant listen with good sound.  I can't hear the words of the message very well, but maybe that's just me.
Thanks for posting."
Jun 17
Sam Umar posted a discussion
Hi all,I would like to share my latest work for orchestra and several contemporary instruments. I wrote a specific main theme in places where a saying (the message) is put in the middle. I would also like to introduce to you a rather special tune…
Jun 17
Sam Umar replied to 8Rivers's discussion Submrine Beach (less than 2 mins)
"I really liked it. I believe this suits well for the game you mentioned. I can picture myself lying on an Hawaiian beach listening to this. On around 0:19, when a piano tune came in, I thought the music would go to somewhere different, but it's only…"
Jun 16
Sam Umar replied to Saul Gefen's discussion String Symphony In A major - 3 Movements
"I liked the sound of this library that you used for this piece. Can you tell what it is? I gathered that you didn't seperate each divisi for violins 1, violins 2, violas, celli, and basses, but rather strings hi, mid, and low. Am i right? Or maybe…"
Jun 16
Sam Umar replied to Gabriel Kovalov's discussion Piano trio- viola and violin 3min
"I liked the idea behind the theme, where the violin and the viola set the tones in high freq, and the piano gives the basis. I probably would say the piano could be set a bit down on the volume (on the left/accompaniment part), to give the strings…"
Jun 15
Sam Umar replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion The Hope of Summer Sun - Light music (3 minutes)
"First time I listened to a Hatian folk tune. The melody figure in certain parts is unfamilar to my ear, but I do like the rhythm. Regarding the use of cymbals, is that a usual gesture in Hatian folk tune? Really liked how the music ends.
Jun 14
Sam Umar replied to Rene Asologuitar's discussion Peace and Love
"Hi Rene,Really enjoyed listening to your song, as always. The sound that comes out is in high quality. Loved the lyrics and the melody you constructed. Plus, there are so many instruments you have there in your room/studio. :)"
Jun 10
Sam Umar replied to Saul Gefen's discussion Venetian Gondola Song In G Minor
"I can "see" the gondola scenery when listening to this. There's a sad feeling on the melody. Something like someone is saying goodbye or some sort. Very beautiful indeed.
Jun 9
Sam Umar replied to Gregory Michael Hodges's discussion A short and early piece of mine
"Hi Gregory. This piece contains very beautiful and touching melodies. The progressing idea is simple and straight forward. I somehow envision a beautiful scenery up on a hill when listening to this.
Jun 8
Sam Umar replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Letting in the Wind
"Hi Gavin,An energetic piece. I could somehow imagine a complete rock band playing this peice together with the piano. There's a sense of Tigran Hamasyan at bar 19 to 20, sort of. Really liked that! A quick question, you wrote 5/8+5/8+1/4, but I…"
Jun 3
Sam Umar replied to Liz Atems's discussion Sinfonia Solenne for String Orchestra revisited
"Hi Liz,This sounds wonderful. I like the progress of the counterpoint in this piece. I have just listened to around 4:50. Looking at the score, and listening to the audio, I found a rather "disturbing" part on bar 155, when the D natural on violin 1…"
May 22
Sam Umar replied to Jon Corelis's discussion Three English Airs For Flute And Cello
"Hi Jon,
Thanks so much for the rich explanation. I've learned so much from you. Could it be possible if there were those who were supposedly considered as the very first/original tranditional source, which were then adapted by someone through…"
May 20

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  • Greetings Sam,

    I like your music. It has some nice qualities. Thanks for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

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