Sam Umar replied to Asaad Hamzy's discussion Symphony no.2
"Enjoyable piece. I figured this must be a string symphony, since I didn't locate any other instuments beside strings. Its opening with a dissonant figure is quite interesting. The mixture between legato, shorts, and pizzicato is understandable,…"
Oct 27
Sam Umar replied to Brandon Schwab's discussion The Insophisticate (Wind Quintet) - Movement 1, Adagio & Nonsense. My first woodwind quintet. Commissioned by a group at my university. I would love some feedback.
"An interesting opening by the flute and the clarinet, somewhat bringing a mysterious idea on the table. The solo flute right after that kinda intoduces into something, probably the main theme, and it closes with the same mysterious tune together…"
Oct 21
Sam Umar replied to Douglas Locke's discussion Black Cat
"I take the rhythmical pulsating notes that carry the theme for the cat on the mission. The main theme itself captures the nuance and portraying what he/she is doing on the Halloween night. The end with the bell and the 3 note drum close the scene in…"
Oct 20
Sam Umar replied to Kjell Prytz's discussion Short string quartet
"Very nice composition. It suits for contemplation and replanig for what's to come. I was hoping there would be solo playing aternately for a few bars before other commenting it. To me, the cello seems to stand out a bit in terms of the…"
Sep 28
Sam Umar replied to Douglas Locke's discussion Roaring Plains
"It feels like trapped in a dream and trying to get out. It kinda did around 3:20, only for a moment as the dream seems linger on. How did you manage with so many time signatures? Did you plan it that way? or did it come naturally as you're writing…"
Sep 26
Sam Umar replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Fashionable Espionage
"Is there a video with the animation you mentioned that we can watch? or it's not for public?"
Sep 24
Sam Umar replied to Sam Umar's discussion Two Pianos + Orchestra
"Oh, okay. I see your point. Thanks, anyway."
Sep 23
Ingo Lee replied to Sam Umar's discussion Two Pianos + Orchestra
"I shouldn't have said concerto, I was thinking of some short soli passages to vary the texture. If this piece is meant as a 'slow' movement of a longer work or as an underscore work you might not want that. And really it's good just as it is.
Sep 22
Sam Umar replied to Sam Umar's discussion Two Pianos + Orchestra
"Thanks so much for listening and giving your thought. For a concerto style I have posted here as well a couple months ago. Perhaps you commented on it, I don't remember. But, a piano concerto with double pianos, that could be something to think of."
Sep 22
Ingo Lee replied to Sam Umar's discussion Two Pianos + Orchestra
"Very well done Sam, nicely written and orchestrated. I find myself wanting to hear more soli or even a concerto style from the pianos especially but this works quite well as is.  Good work!"
Sep 21
Sam Umar posted a discussion
Hello everyone!Wanted to share with you my latest composition written for two pianos and orchestra. The pianos are played alternately, with instruments from the orchestra commenting the themes and even started their own conversation. Your opinon is…
Sep 21
Sam Umar replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Fashionable Espionage
"Loved it, Gavin. Yes, I can somehow see an agent moving around, doing his spying action thing with this music. It's too short, though. I want more! hahaha. "
Sep 20
Sam Umar replied to Brandon Schwab's discussion Dear Wadjet - for Saxophone Ensemble and Percussion, by Brandon Schwab.
"Really really liked it! Since I've never listened to saxophone ensemble like this. In times, it reminds me of music by Snarky Puppy, which I'm a huge fan of. I believe this could also be applied to a jazz band as well. But the ensemble like this is…"
Sep 20
Sam Umar replied to Ingo Lee's discussion Chamber orchestra with guitar UPDATED
"At first hearing, the modern style of orchestra is playing, I thought "How are you going to insert a guitar in it?" But when the guitar plays, it changes the nuance into a sort of jazzy style but still with a strange melody on the strings…"
Sep 15
Sam Umar replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Music for Soprano and Orchestra (6 minutes).
" I enjoyed listening to thie piece. I somewhat see the form as a conversation between the soprano and the orchestra. I wonder if the soprano would have words in it, would that be possible, given the melody structure?"
Jul 28
Sam Umar replied to Ramon Capsada Blanch's discussion Hyperbolic paraboloid and Xenakis
"Hi, Ramon! I'm enjoying your piece here. Somehow it has, when listening to some part of it, a penrose steps idea going on in my head. It's certainly new to me.
Jul 26

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  • Greetings Sam,

    I like your music. It has some nice qualities. Thanks for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

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