SHAO SUAN LOW replied to SHAO SUAN LOW's discussion The Ensemble de la Belle Musique - Call For Scores
"Hi Dave, thanks for your comment about the rights. Sorry we did not make ourselves clear. What we mean is that every composer will grant EBM irrevocable rights limited to performing the piece in concerts and for promotional purposes only. Hope this…"
Jan 30, 2017
SHAO SUAN LOW replied to David Lilly's discussion Writing at a fast tempo frustrations
"Agree. :-) DriscollMusick said:
Try to avoid thinking note-by-note, but instead think of groupings of notes, even whole measures or groups of measures. At a very fast tempo, each measure is probably being processed as a beat anyway.
Not sure if you…"
Jan 30, 2017
SHAO SUAN LOW replied to Amirul Hisham Othman's discussion The combination of Chamber & Full Ensemble
"Hi Amirul! Yes sure, composing is up to our own individual creativity, so it's possible to combine both Chamber and Full ensemble. Like what you said, start small, then when it builds up to the climax we can add in more and more instruments, and…"
Jan 30, 2017
SHAO SUAN LOW replied to Robert Fisher's discussion Memories
"This is a very nice and soothing piece. Nice job for a 15-year-old! :-) 
As for writing too much like your old self, yes, sometimes it happens to me too. In fact, I've kept all my drafts from a long time ago, whether good or not, as I find them…"
May 20, 2016

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