SEDstar replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Progressive Rock's Relationship to Classical Music
"ELO, anyone? lol... ELO and the MOODY blues were my 2 first bands i liked, before 7th grade discovering these? i really didnt go buy cassettes like the other kids did, lol...

early Queensryche? There were even some strange "placements" of pointedly…"
Sep 19, 2015
SEDstar replied to SEDstar's discussion just wondered what i would hear about it....
"an old version of edirol orchestral VST... i use FL to score the "edirol orchestra"..

yeah, i'm not a "fan" of the herky-jerky opening line played bare either, LMAO... its just that as i played around, i keep "really liking PARTS here and there of…"
Sep 2, 2015
Daniel Zarb-Cousin replied to SEDstar's discussion just wondered what i would hear about it....
"hmm.  i cannot say i was a fan of the beginning part.  what follows is pretty cool rhythmically and i like the modal development.  can i ask what you are using for playback?"
Sep 2, 2015
SEDstar replied to Matthew Dear's discussion Bassnik - Acid Techno (is this allowed... ;) )
"i really dont know a whole lot about techno and what they called "electronica" on a site i was on years ago (site died out)

the site was "centered" on hip hop and related music, dance electronics being one of them.... so i heard a number of them at…"
Sep 2, 2015
SEDstar replied to Aaron Limberger's discussion Rock music
"I like to hear... "mastery". IE, the performer has MASTERED their instrument.

when i hear Laura Branigan (RIP) sing? i hear a woman with a gifted voice, and she seems to have mastered her voice and uses it like an instrument.

when i hear old…"
May 5, 2015
"in particular?

the barney theme song must be quite brutal, lmao...

i'm pretty sure i would "crack" and tell them what they wanted to know, if they played barney endlessly...

but seriously? i…"
May 5, 2015
SEDstar replied to Olmnilnlolm's discussion Music had nothing to do with sound, with listening or with hearing or the auditory sense
"I kinda just listen to various music... some i like, some i dont like. some? i like a LOT... some? i dislike more.


you get kudos for bringing in "four dimensional" mathematical geometry and space-time into it, though...

its maybe,…"
May 5, 2015
SEDstar replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion The Dichotomy of Tonal vs. Atonal: Why is this an argument anyway?
"i keep hearing (pun intended, lol) about the tonal vs atonal debate... like the OP said.


I know some classical pieces excite me... they have parts inordinately delicate and beautiful... and other parts that are frantic and scary…"
May 5, 2015
SEDstar left a comment for Greg Brus
"If march of the damned was leading into another piece? I find myself wondering... How powerful and explosive would THAT piece be, if this is the intro? Sort of thing that makes you shiver, wondering."
Aug 19, 2014
SEDstar left a comment for Greg Brus
"Hi Mr Bros...

I never forgot your advice, for me to try 5/4 time for something different? I am not here much, but, when I popped in just now... I HAD to listen to a piece of yours... After all, this is the guy that I remembered "sounded like Holst"…"
Aug 19, 2014
SEDstar replied to Vivaldi's discussion Why are some pieces of music more liked than others?
"When I was young I thought I didn't like classical... Wellllll, there was that ONE thing I liked... I hummed it and the adult identified it as toccata and fugue in d minor. Wellllll.... And that other one? Bum bum bum BAHHHHHHHHHM. Beethoven's…"
Aug 3, 2014
SEDstar replied to Stanislav Levchenko's discussion Some organ thing
"I like it.

particularly in the middle, where the pace starts picking up.

I dont have the "ear" where i can sayanythg about what KEY you are using or whatnot... I just kow if i like it or not... and i do like it.

Even when little? I was always…"
Jan 21, 2014
SEDstar replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion Symptoms of a Bigger Problem
"this is merely a SYMPTOM of a larger, progressive disease... that has been slowly eating away at american core values for a very long time. It is only now starting to be completely visible to see the effects of the disease.

there is a general state…"
Jan 21, 2014
SEDstar replied to August Champlin's discussion The Anatomy of an Epic Soundtrack (Spoof)
"hee hee *snicker*

thats cute....

seems like the sort of thing one would have expected to see on "MadTV" or Saturday Night LIve....

personally, I like to "envision" great and powerful men... sitting around in their boxers, coffee stain on a wife…"
Oct 16, 2012
SEDstar replied to Karl Whelan's discussion Extracting the sound from my head.
"Michael Forbes said: "... I have found it helpful to "hear" the song in my head ...hopefully it's not voices I'm hearing!!"

yeah, if its just MUSIC, your Okay... if you hear VOICES you'd be a songwriter, not a composer, LMAO..."
Oct 14, 2012
SEDstar replied to Matt Stewart-Evans's discussion Balloon Ride (Latest Piece)
"very pretty, delicate, piece.

lighthearted mood... suggests "happy reflecting" back on stuff.... and feeling contented."
Oct 14, 2012

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  • Im a little confused by what you are asking exactly. You might need to be a little more specific
  • Hello! Thank you for making me feel like I'm not the only total amateur music writer here! You've given me confidence to join in =)
  • Yeah- 6v10. If you go back and choose the best sections and create a coherent whole out of those part, you'll have something delicious, especially with your great use of counterpoint. Thanks!- Solstice worked out well and I hope to do more of the same or better, in the near future.
  • Thanks for you kind words!
    Yeah, it's me playing the piano, it's a digital one, and honestly I don't like how it sounds - kinda feels natural only when played fortissimo, meh.
    This isn't my first piano composition, however it's the first one that's kinda serious, a bit virtuosic as well (I needed to practice it a lot to actually record properly, lol). As for big film scores etc., I'm working on something pretty epic right now - trust me, combining regular time signatures with odd ones like 5/4, 7/8, 11/8 is a whole lot of fun ^^
  • The first section of Something seems awkward and then it develops into an exceptional piece with great counterpoint. ...Sean?
  • Glad you got a kick out of it! That's the opening track to my "concept album." Yes, humor is the zest of spicy life, have you ever listened to PDQ Bach?
  • Thanks for the comments - sorry it's been a minute for the reply.
    Apparently there is life away from the music, piano, and computer.
  • hey...sean is it? I gotta say you are a freakin character. hilarious haha. I'll get some stuff up on my page by the end of the semester, latest end of the year. The problem is I'm self conscious, a procrastinator, and I'm really trying to get the basics under my belt before I get ahead of my self you know? Part of the problem is that musically I have like a 1st grade reading level at the piano. I can read melody (singing) like nobody's business but intervals and more complex harmony throws me as far as actual part writing and voice leading goes. I get the theory. I'm much more of an ear trained musician at this point, but I'm trying to get past that you know? I really like spring rain by the way, and something3v9. I will be back to offer more in depth critiques if you like, and would hope for and beg the same of you when I get around to posting something haha.
  • Hey! I thought I'd share the first sonata I wrote with you. I listed it under Music Dissection "Old School Video Game Music." The style is definitely not classical, but the basic form and all is "correct" as far as sections and harmonic changes are concerned. It's kind of a laugh.
  • I like it! Reminds me of Tangerine Dream. The only advice I would give is to add a bitchin guitar solo from about 1:14-1:50. Or something like that, I wanted to hear a soaring melody line or have you build the texture up more in that spot. The development section is cool and the recap comes in seamlessly. Oh I guess one more thing, I would like to hear some more texture changes in the development. Now you just have to figure out an ending eh?

    To delete a song click on edit playlist then clic on the x next to it.

    Roc on!
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