Ryan Owens left a comment for Chris Dargay
"Thanks Chris! I grew up on Prince. I didn't get in to Bungle till after I started writing this stuff. Your comparisons are very flattering, thanks! Listening now to some of the tracks up top, very nice! Keep 'em coming man."
Dec 3, 2009
Ryan Owens left a comment for Leon Portelance
"Hey Leon. It would appear that I'm a giant idiot and accidently deleted your comment from my page. Please forgive me!! Feel free to re-post, I'll try not to be so daft in the future. Nice Tracks BTW!"
Jun 9, 2007
Ryan Owens left a comment for Bob Safir
"Wow, I'm impressed! Your clips are something to aspire to! I'll be picking up the book since you clearly know what you're doing. Thanks for sharing your insight!"
Jun 8, 2007
Ryan Owens left a comment for Leon Portelance
"Hi Leon! Music sounds great! Nice to meet you!"
Jun 8, 2007
Ryan Owens posted a photo
Got to meet my favorite singer/songwriter of all time, Chris Cornell, at the Rams Head Live! in Baltimore a month or so ago. Good Times.
Jun 7, 2007

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  • Not a problem Sir...
  • Your style is reminiscent of Oingo Boingo with a touch of Mr. Bungle thrown in for good measure. Bravo! Absolutely entertaining and well crafted. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • High Tide is Brilliant!
  • Ryan-
    Fantastic! My favorite is All it Would Take, as well.
    Nothing holding you back.
    Hey, check out David Mead 'Luxery Of Time'.
    Songs range from pop to musical. I had the pleasure of assisting Paul Hagar on it. Brilliant stuff.
    Yours too.
  • Hi, Ryan. I am re-materializing myself from the electrons inside your computer. Anyway, thanks for the add. I enjoyed your tunes. You have a unique style. I liked All It Would Take the best. Good song, performance and production!
  • Life, work, kids, mortgages, and stuff gets in the way of my clearly thinking things through sometimes. I didn't make the connection with Mr. Scheuring...
    I've heard your stuff and I friggin love it.
    I think I may have even heard your earlier stuff, too, maybe... Frank and I went to school together back in 96, I think it was... and we've kept in touch -- sometimes barely on a thread, but even so...
    The Urth songs have commercial appeal. The recording and mixes (though dubbed demo on Frank's page) are VERY nice. So where's it all going?
  • I can't wait to hear some of your stuff.
  • Yo Ryan! Welcome to the group! Post some photos / mp3's / videos!
  • Hey Ryan! Welcome to the site!
    Nice pic of you with THE MAN.
This reply was deleted.