Peter left a comment for Portia Graves
"Thanks for adding me and the nice comment :) Your music is very pretty and delicate! Hope to hear more of it, keep on writing :)"
Oct 14, 2010
Peter left a comment for Atmospheria
"Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I'd love to get my music onto an RPG :) I'm focussing on connecting up with video games lately :) So it's good to hear you feel the same way about it."
Oct 14, 2010
Peter left a comment for Biochips
"Thankyou very much for the kind words! My doors are open to working on computer game soundtracks, I'm keeping an ear out for opportunities :) So lets hope something good comes my way :) Where can I hear your tunes by the way?"
Jan 15, 2009
Peter left a comment for Kyle Robertson
"Was actually easy to listen through all your pieces here! Really smooth mood setters here, everything is sounding very coherent and whole. This is the kinda music I think is beautiful and great. I want to hear more of it :) Good luck with all your…"
Sep 15, 2008
Peter left a comment for Daniel Marshall
"Thanks Dan, nice to be here :) REALLY funky tune Mix and Match haha very fun to listen to. Keep up the nice work! See you on the forums I guess"
Sep 9, 2008

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  • Duuuuuuuude your music is just class! I loving 'Fantasy', its just a great peice and I can totally imagine this in an RPG! Title screen maybe?
  • My tunes are in that grey boy on the left of my channel.

    I hope you'll get opportunities. I read advice by famous game composers saying that someone should go to game conventions. There are hundreds of video game producers, so to speak.

    Your track Fantasy reminds me of Nobuo Uematsus "Memories of Lightwaves" from some Final Fantasy game.
  • Wow! Honestly, man, you would write great game soundtracks. That's for sure.
    Your tracks here sound highly professional. Have you ever tried to get a job in the video game music industry? If not, then now is the time.
  • Very solid , and nice sounding work.
  • Welcome to the Forum Peter! Love the tracks. Find Yourself reminds me of a Paul Simon/ Barenaked Ladies feel. Great vocal harmonies.
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