Paul Copeland replied to Elizabeth Louise Watson's discussion So I guess this is hello...
"Hey Elizabeth,
Don't worry that your pieces are 'simple'. No such thing really if the music is good.
I liked Adoration and Leitmotif. Healthy harmonies, and nice melodic lines. Sometimes the cadences/pauses, were perhaps a little to long, and…"
Feb 28, 2017
Paul Copeland replied to Brian Katona's discussion Man in the Moon
"Delightful piece.

Not to difficult to play, and very enjoyable. Lovely melody and interpretation.

Keep up the great work."
Feb 28, 2017
Paul Copeland replied to Igneous01's discussion Piano Scherzo(ish) - is it playable?
"Hi Igneous,
A very enjoyable romantic piece. Quite difficult but not unplayable.

Personally I enjoyed the Lento section the most. The melody is delightful, and the C# resolving to C natural, is a nice melodic line with the following four bars, down…"
Nov 18, 2016
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Nov 15, 2016