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  • Greetings Nicole,

    I like your music. It is very melodic. Thanks for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • Very intriguing compositions! Bravo!
  • Temptress has lovely harmonic content yet retains a dark essence, I only wish it were a longer piece. Please write more! Thank you.
  • Ok. Interesting music for once...great structure and delivery
  • Very impressive work! I really enjoyed every track you showed here :)
  • Hi Nicole,

    Enjoyed Chrysalis....!

  • Hi Nicole,

    I really enjoyed listening to your pieces. Your flute performances sound really good as well!

  • Welcome.
    Very nice writing. Very musical and imaginative and I really like your use of the instruments. Where did you study? Are you perchance a flautist? Do you know or have heard of either Alison Prestwood or William Robert Dickson? Both excellent bassists, Alison is one of THE bassists in Nashville and Robert is teaching at Georgia State.
    I spent 50 years in Alabama so I am now enjoying the 50/60º weather, with RAIN, here in Washington.
    I've found my Nirvana.\
  • Hmm, what does it mean that we picked the same theme. :)
  • Just stopping by to say "hi" and "welcome to the list"!
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