Neil Bruce commented on Michael J Lawrence's blog post How to get a film scoring gig - make the film!
"That is a great idea! I am actually a film maker as my day job now, and as such get to write music for my films :)"
Aug 16, 2011
Neil Bruce posted videos
Jul 19, 2011
Neil Bruce posted a photo
Neil Spencer Bruce
Jun 28, 2009
Neil Bruce posted a video
Light B4 Sound 11.53 Promo 2
Jun 28, 2009
Neil Bruce left a comment for Larry Cunningham
"Snap!! Well ish! I have just (well about 2 months ago) moved from Sonar to Logic, and I have to say I have done more in those 2 months!! So you never know!! Might be earlier than 08!

Good luck

Aug 11, 2008
Neil Bruce left a comment for Larry Cunningham
"Thanks for the comment! Watch this space for more abstract strangeness!!

You have some great tunes there!!

All the best

Aug 11, 2008
Neil Bruce commented on James Semple's blog post Banging Out the Percussion tracks
"Thanks for that James!! Fantastically useful!"
Aug 8, 2008
Neil Bruce commented on James Semple's blog post The Film Music Chord Change
"It was if they read this blog......

Modern film scores are terrible, say composer"
Mar 17, 2008
Neil Bruce commented on James Semple's blog post The Film Music Chord Change
"Fantastic posting guys!!

Would be good to start a few more like this!!

I am with you James, I have come from a rock/blues/metal background in terms of theory and then went on to study 4 point harmonies etc. I do find that there is a lot of…"
Mar 14, 2008
Neil Bruce left a comment for callegari
"Bonjour Franck,

Comment allez-vous ? Je parle français, mais le souhait que j'ai parlé davantage ! Merci du commentaire !

Mar 3, 2008
Neil Bruce commented on Alex Pfeffer's blog post Voices of Passion ...
"Hi Alex,

That sounds fantastic! I have been thinking about buying that library for a while now....I think you have now convinced me! Great piece of work, keep it up!

Oct 5, 2007
Neil Bruce commented on Doug Lauber's blog post The Trials and Tribulations of Software Installation...
"Hi Doug,

Sorry to hear about your problems, like you I am a Sonar and Kontakt user and have suffered due to the NI authorisation fiasco! It is well worth it though, Kontakt is a great piece of software (especially if you like messing with…"
Sep 18, 2007
Neil Bruce commented on James Semple's blog post Creating a new Orchestral Template
"Wow Fantastic James! Thanks for taking all that time to do that!

I am curious to know how much ram you are running. I am currently having computer problems with neither my PC or Mac running well (even after re-building). I am thinking it is time to…"
Sep 14, 2007
Neil Bruce replied to David Gielan's discussion Current Favorites?
"One Giant Leap, by One Giant Leap!

Sep 3, 2007
Neil Bruce replied to Chris Merritt's discussion Music Dissection :: Soft
"Hi there,

I agree with the others, I am not too keen on the guitar, perhaps a bit of reverb may make it sit a bit better in the mix. Maybe another intrument might work if you only use synth sounds?

Nice tunes though!

All the best

Sep 3, 2007
Neil Bruce left a comment for James Semple
"Hi James,

Work on the studio is looking great!!

Good luck with it and keep us posted!

All the best,

Aug 7, 2007

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  • Good luck on your long term project!
  • Neil, moving from Sonar to Logic required a whole platform adjustment. Wow, that's a major endeavor.
    One reason in switching to Cubase was the cross-platform project support for PC and Mac. One of the studios that I've worked with is all Logic 8-based and I must say, it is an fantastic DAW. If I was on the MAC platform, I'm pretty sure that I would be making the 'Logicle' choice. You're right, Cubase probably will not be that much of a challenge, as the overall workflow is not that radically different.

  • Neil, thanks so much for the comments. I've just changed DAW from Sonar to Cubase, so it might be some time before I post some new music. I hope to have some new music by early 2009.

    Thanks again, LC
  • Neil, thanks for the invitation. I really enjoy the textures that you're creating. Excellent work.

    Thanks again, Larry
  • bonjour de paris ,je ne parle pas anglais,

  • Hi Neil,

    Nice tracks. Welcome to the darkside. ;-)
  • :-)
  • Hi, Neil. Thanks for the invite. Hopefully you read my page and still want to be my friend even though I'm not a composer. I have written lyrics with my hubby (Chris, the guy who started this forum) if that counts for anything.
  • Thanks for the invite!
    You have some exciting things going on... I am especially interested in your psychoacoustics background and your current study of the effects of soundscapes on the human psyche.
  • Hey Neil,
    Cool sounds and Guitar in Hell title reminds me of my musical quest :-) I want to hear more of Haunting!
    Nice work and thanks for the kind coment!
    Hey Larry
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