Mitchell Cloutier replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion O Gracious Light
"I like it a lot!  I think, though, that it might sound better with an accompaniment.  Do the contest rules specify that the piece has to be for unaccompanied choir?  If not, an organ or a piano would be very nice."
May 28, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier replied to Bruce Baldwin's discussion Thirteen
"I think it's very nice!  I agree with the other comments, and I'd like to add that it's a little repetitive for my tastes, and it feels short and slightly incomplete. It would work well as an introduction to a longer piece.  Keep up the good work! "
May 23, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier replied to 3pp7pxpelniac's discussion Just one little composition for piano and strings
"I love this piece!  It is very solemn and calming--the kind of piece I'd listen to after a long, stressful day, or before one begins.  I agree with the above comments, but there isn't really much you can do to improve it.  Keep writing pieces like…"
Apr 1, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier replied to Mlau's discussion Horror piano theme
"Wow--that scared me.  I kept expecting a zombie or something to pop up.  I think it is very well written, but I also think it might sound even better if you added underlying drum rolls which crescendoed and decrescendoed with the intensity.  "
Mar 29, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier replied to Michael T's discussion Cinematic Strings -Test Drive
"Wow. This is an amazing sound set and a cool piece!  I would have guessed it was a real string orchestra if I had only heard the recording.  I think the second violins are too soft, but I haven't found a system where that isn't the case.  Does…"
Feb 28, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier replied to Vivaldi's discussion Violin Concerto in Bb flat major
"I agree on all points--including that it's a great piece.  I'm a violinist, and the part is very easy.  I can hear the solo in the recording, but I can't find it in the score.  Is it mixed in with the first violin accompaniment part?"
Feb 27, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier replied to Cold Composer's discussion Piano Solo in B Major
"I honestly like this piece, but I would like it better if it were longer and the ideas were developed more.  I also agree with the other comments above."
Feb 27, 2013
Mitchell Cloutier commented on Ursula Jasovec's blog post Music Joke
"WOW.  That is hilarious!"
Feb 22, 2013
Vivaldi replied to Mitchell Cloutier's discussion Feedback on early piece
""I'm thirteen now--, so it's not that great'

This piece has disproved your statement! Just because you're only 12 doesn't imply what you write will suck. It doesn't. It's great! 

Of course it's not perfect so keep working at it."
Feb 21, 2013
Janet Spangenberg replied to Mitchell Cloutier's discussion Feedback on early piece
"This is a pretty impressive work for being written at twelve years old! There's a nice contrast between movements. It  sounds like it's written all at the same dynamic. Adding dynamics would give the piece more dimension. Can you post a score?
Feb 21, 2013