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Miroslaw 'Miro' Kepinski - contemporary guitarist and sitar player, composer. Graduating from a Classical Music school in Mlawa, Poland as Musician Instrumentalist (Classical Guitar), Miro then expanded his musical knowledge by enrolling at the Jazz faculty of the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. Upon graduation, Miro was awarded the title Musician the Artist in recognition of his studies and has gone on to enjoy a career playing a broad palette of musical styles including rock, blues and metal. Miro's collaborative work includes playing guitar with bands Carnal, Self-pollution and co-founded an art-rock group by the name of Yahatra. In 2007, after working on new material for Yahatra, Miro founded an experimental project called MEYATRA. This new project showcases work of his own composition and improvisation, which are based on a strong rhythm section with guitar leading other instruments in a layered sound. At the beginning of 2009 Miro recorded an album for Meyatra titled 'the Singular Sound of the Brain'. The album was produced by KRAMER. At the end of 2008 Miro founded a solo project called PRIMALISM - when a silence becomes the noise. This new music combines 'an american minimalism with looped based ambient structures'. His work- as solo or collaborative artist- has been well received by both print and online reviews. MEYATRA Musician - guitarist, sitarist; Meyatra; Primalism; Yahatra; Sitar Solo Recital; WORKS: The Last Taboo (directed by Alexander Freeman) http://vimeo.com/35256318 The Last Three Weeks http://vimeo.com/43531855 Alexander Freeman reel http://vimeo.com/49047008 Pawel Kolodziej (WBA International cruiserweight title) web videos - composer http://www.youtube.com/user/KolodziejPawel#p/u/7/Z0JbisXyJfY http://www.youtube.com/user/KolodziejPawel#p/u/10/mbpY0NJIUe4 http://www.youtube.com/user/KolodziejPawel#p/u/9/DjUk4x2-PPQ Meyatra - the Singular Sound of the Brain (produced by KRAMER; post-production) - composer Yahatra - self-titled EP (self released) - composer



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  • Hi Mirò!
    Really interesting. it's just a little claustrophobic for me, but the starting ideas are nice. I can hear many influences from Bjork, isn't it?
    Of course you are the composer, so you can do all you want, but let me suggest just one thing: Give a structure with variations, so you will have a better effect.

    However, great job. Thanks for sharing your music.

  • I was listening to several songwriters' music last night and, although your music is about 180 degrees from mine, yours is what I remembered this morning. Well done.
  • Hi Miro! Welcome to the Composer's Forum!
This reply was deleted.