Michael Porter replied to Josh Rickard's discussion Duel on the Cliffs
"It's not bad, but be wary of slipping into some generic fantasy game style. It does flow well, and the beginning is decent, but what really gets me into it is the dramatic buildup starting at 1:10. Actually, it's that piccolo/flute that really does…"
Dec 4, 2009
Michael Porter replied to Dan and Deryn Cullen's discussion Dark Places- Cello quartet
"It's quite nice- the tune is very much like many folksongs. Considering the instrument, perhaps you could put the melody in the lower register once at some place for contrast."
Nov 30, 2009
Michael Porter replied to Paul Cecchetti's discussion Cello Sonata- Scherzo
"This is very interesting, It really is lively, which is nice. The piano part seems to do most of the heavy lifting so to speak; it's really piano heavy. While the piano part is not crazy hard, it's almost always there in the background churning away…"
Nov 24, 2009