Michael O'Brien left a comment for Jonathan Metz
"Thanks so much! I appreciate the thoughtful feedback.

I finally dredged up my backlog of fugues I have on the other (older) computer. So, I will (probably tomorrow) upload another.

The older computer is XP ... my newer computer is Vista ... seems…"
Dec 2, 2009
Michael O'Brien left a comment for Aaron Spotts
"Hi, getting back to messages way, way late ... was out of the country (Europe) for quite a few weeks.

Thanks for the nice comments.

Nov 17, 2009

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  • Yeah, I've seriously been considering switching to Mac. I hear Macs are better for what composers do in the first place, but I'm torn because I prefer the windows operating system. Maybe you could give Wondows 7 a try, I hear it's good.
  • Hey nice Fugue. I like it's energy. I am reminded of Holst when listening to it. I like how throughout you keep the prominent rhythmic motif going, but keep the harmonic movement interesting!
  • Nice counterpoint in your fugue! It's vibrant, effectively arranged in the entrances of the subject, texturally interesting, and all-around enjoyable to listen to. I tried my hand at fugal writing during my undergrad study (I hardly made a scratch in the art,) and only then did I come to appreciate it's high craft. You are a talented composer!
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