Matthew Moore left a comment for Larry Elliott
"Thanks Larry.  I appreciate your kind words.  Have a look at There's a lot of new stuff there :)"
Jun 29, 2016
Matthew Moore left a comment for Mohammed Asghar
"Hi Mohammed. Thanks for your kind words.  Really great compositions on your page. I enjoyed listening to it all!  Well done.  Good luck with everything"
Jan 13, 2012
Matthew Moore left a comment for Paulo cesar Maia de Aguiar (Br)
"Hi there.  Thanks for your very kind comment.  Your Ave verum is excellent.  Have a great day.  Regards  Matthew"
Sep 5, 2011
Matthew Moore left a comment for Apolosius
"Hi Apolosius. Thanks for your kind comments. Your stuff is really great too. Enjoyed listening. And you conduct as well? Very talented!"
Nov 10, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Doug Lauber
"HI Doug. Thanks for the add. Great tunes on your site. There should be more :-)"
Oct 21, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]
"Hi Rudi. Yes sorry we didn't get a chance to chat on saturday. I really like your music. It's definitley my kinda stuff. The first piano piece and the string quartet particularly!

Hopefully we can make time to chat at the next composium."
Oct 20, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Chris Haigh
"Hi Chris.

Thanks for the add. Great tracks you have there!

Oct 5, 2010
Matthew Moore replied to Eric Waters's discussion Music Libraries: Exclusive or Not?
"I'm in favour of exclusivity. Only because PRS seem to have a hard enough time keeping track of what is being used as it is, without the same tune being registered under many different names :-)

That's only my opinion though :-)"
Sep 15, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Cricket Mandingo
"Thanks for your kind words and friendship :-)"
Aug 19, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Clive Lukover
"Or even "my" friend :) the joys of phone keyboards :)"
Aug 19, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Clive Lukover
"Hey by friend nice to see you here too :)"
Aug 19, 2010
Matthew Moore posted videos
Jul 20, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Yaiza Varona
"Hey there! Really really great stuff here. What wonderful styles! So fresh!

Keep me posted with your news

Jun 26, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for Marie-Anne Fischer
"Hi there. Great to see you on saturday. Was good fun! Well done on your "chair grabbing" skills :-)

I hope the meal went well.

Thanks for your kind comments about my work. The orchestral stuff I'm quite proud of - it took a lot of work :-) It's…"
Jun 17, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for miketorr
"Cool! Let me know how you get on. I was looking at cinematic strings in SOS.......I feel a credit card coming out.

Omnisphere is great. Gotta spend a few days getting to know it again.

Glad to hear you are busy. Don't worry - the money WILL come!…"
Apr 22, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for miketorr
"Hi there. I hope you manage to get VSL SE. IT really helped me sort out my string sound. I found (and still find) it quite hard to place the instruments in an environment - they need lots of subtle reverb fiddling but the legato effect is wonderful.…"
Apr 16, 2010

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  • Hi again Matt - no worries about the lack of reply - there is so much to do and say online these days that we all miss stuff! Thanks for your comments, glad you like my track.

    I'm hoping to buy VSL SE this month, but my car is having trouble so I need to wait and see whether that costs a lot of money to fix before I buy anything. Fingers crossed!
  • Ah! Makes sense :)

    Yeah., I have the *hopefully* understanding of mixing and mastering, it's just not always as easy to implement! What is in one's head isn't always what comes out of the speakers, despite the intentions.... ah, the joys of sample library orchestration :)
  • Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the add too, and your comments. Nice sound you have on all your work. Not sure what I wrote in my message and am trying to work out the "after my own heart" reference :-)

    Would love to pick your brains sometime on how you keep your mixes so crisp and clean. I'm never satisfied with my mixes (especially the brass - which is a real pain!) I'm using Symphobia, EW Gold, Garritan (although, not very much these days). I wish I could afford VSL. Looks like I will be going LASS first - maybe also Cinematic Strings and/or Hollywood Strings. One can never have enough strings!
  • Hello Matt! Good to hook up. Nice to meet you last night too :)

    Awesome music! And fantastic production - you really have that licked, don't you? Everyone's jealous...

    I enjoyed the "Oye como va" touch - I used to play that in a band.
  • Excellent music to know how you get that big wide film sound.....
  • Hi Matthew, thanks for your invite. I haven`t been in here since before Christmas and have just uploaded a 5 min film music excerpt, otherwise it might have been Christmas this year when I would have discovered you.
    I`ll give your music a whirl sometime this week.
    Hope your own recession is over, if there was one for you. Not many know what real music is anymore huh? A great many think it`s a piece of round flat plastic with a hole in the middle!! :)
    Take care, and is that your own desk?
  • Wow ! great Music !
    I spent a nice time listening to you.
  • Wow!! Really cool you like my stuff ;)
    The sample you speak of is incuded in the EWSOPlatPlus. I used it because I was looking to get that heart renching sadness into it. I think it's pretty cool and glad you agree!
    I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed with VSL, but as SO many of us are using it I guess it's up to me to find the best way to use it.
    LA Strings sounds pretty cool though!
    I might check that out once I've been payed!!
  • Loving your work mate! Your production is immence ; )
    What packages are you using and how do you find them?
    I've recently upgraded to EastWest, Vienna and Symphobia.
    Still trying to get the best out of 'em!!!

    I was reading your conversation with Anthony Wakefield as I too, am stuck in the Doc doldrums! It's all for retail, which is frustrating as what I'm really seeking are some broadcast credits!
    However, It does pay extremley well! LOL
  • I like the wizards castle
This reply was deleted.