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"Thanks Larry.  I appreciate your kind words.  Have a look at There's a lot of new stuff there :)"
Jun 29, 2016
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"Hi Mohammed. Thanks for your kind words.  Really great compositions on your page. I enjoyed listening to it all!  Well done.  Good luck with everything"
Jan 13, 2012
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"Hi there.  Thanks for your very kind comment.  Your Ave verum is excellent.  Have a great day.  Regards  Matthew"
Sep 5, 2011
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"Hi Apolosius. Thanks for your kind comments. Your stuff is really great too. Enjoyed listening. And you conduct as well? Very talented!"
Nov 10, 2010
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"HI Doug. Thanks for the add. Great tunes on your site. There should be more :-)"
Oct 21, 2010
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"Hi Rudi. Yes sorry we didn't get a chance to chat on saturday. I really like your music. It's definitley my kinda stuff. The first piano piece and the string quartet particularly!

Hopefully we can make time to chat at the next composium."
Oct 20, 2010
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"Hi Chris.

Thanks for the add. Great tracks you have there!

Oct 5, 2010
Matthew Moore replied to Eric Waters's discussion Music Libraries: Exclusive or Not?
"I'm in favour of exclusivity. Only because PRS seem to have a hard enough time keeping track of what is being used as it is, without the same tune being registered under many different names :-)

That's only my opinion though :-)"
Sep 15, 2010
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"Thanks for your kind words and friendship :-)"
Aug 19, 2010
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"Or even "my" friend :) the joys of phone keyboards :)"
Aug 19, 2010
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"Hey by friend nice to see you here too :)"
Aug 19, 2010
Matthew Moore posted videos
Jul 20, 2010
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"Hey there! Really really great stuff here. What wonderful styles! So fresh!

Keep me posted with your news

Jun 26, 2010
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"Hi there. Great to see you on saturday. Was good fun! Well done on your "chair grabbing" skills :-)

I hope the meal went well.

Thanks for your kind comments about my work. The orchestral stuff I'm quite proud of - it took a lot of work :-) It's…"
Jun 17, 2010
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"Cool! Let me know how you get on. I was looking at cinematic strings in SOS.......I feel a credit card coming out.

Omnisphere is great. Gotta spend a few days getting to know it again.

Glad to hear you are busy. Don't worry - the money WILL come!…"
Apr 22, 2010
Matthew Moore left a comment for miketorr
"Hi there. I hope you manage to get VSL SE. IT really helped me sort out my string sound. I found (and still find) it quite hard to place the instruments in an environment - they need lots of subtle reverb fiddling but the legato effect is wonderful.…"
Apr 16, 2010

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  • Quick reply Matthew. Something adrift with my upoad, as I was still waiting to receive the 'msg sent' confirmation. But you did get it, which is good to know.
    Pub was indeed Royal Oak.
    My writing? Have just contacted a film doc company, but have been told that my music`s unsuitable. Nice that isn`t it?!! I sent them mp3s 'Close Your Eyes' and 'Wish I`d said Hello'. They must be looking fer drum`n`bass. Well they can look elsewhere in that case :) But have just sold a couple of big band arr to Australia. And another publisher who already has something is now looking at other stuff of mine. And I`m trying to revise one or two things, which I find boring, boring, boring.
    See ya,
  • Hello Matthew,
    Have only just seen your msg. Yes not far apart as the crow flies. I used to visit a pub past the railway bridge (high st) on left, where they used to have a rehearsal band playing. I did a little bit of keyboard, but the room was upstairs, and it became too much to carry the gear. I also visited the Clarinet Choir a few times also. Can`t remember where they payed. Good to meet you.
    Best, Anthony
  • Hey Matthew, thanks for the reply. It's interesting you say about how more and more producers are going to Eastern European orchestras for better value - there are some really able ensembles over there now. I guess with a good conductor and leader of the orchestra, a better-than-average group can really excel to great result.

    With regards to the guide tracks, I imagined it would work as you mentioned on occassion.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Catch you soon.

  • Hey Matthew, I'm very happy to have you on my friends list. :) Your cues are really great and varied - I imagine they support the visuals brilliantly. Some really nice Tchaikovsky-esque colours coming through in some of the fragments and conversely the high-octane drama of other sections. Great versatility.

    Question: on the whole, how often do your clients afford you the luxury of real performers? I completely understand the value of software instruments and music programming and I'm very much trying to get up to speed with this element of the industry. However, to have an orchestra at your disposal.... whoa!! Secondly, when you have spotting sessions to define cues with directors on projects, do they suggest guide tracks or even cut film to existing works? Do you find that if they do, instead of being a starting point it actually becomes the finishing point?

    Sorry for the 'noobie' questions. Haha

  • Great music! You have amazing talent!
  • Thanks so much for the compliment!
  • Hi, and thanks for the add! Nice music.
    Cheers -
  • Thanks for listen me! If you would like, watch the videos with orchestra!I will listen your music tomorrow!
    A hug,
    from LucianonFleming
  • your music is great.esp exodus
  • thanks!
This reply was deleted.