Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Mikolaj Holowko
"Thank you.  Interesting that you and several others call my music Celtic since, as far as I know, I have no ancestry from Ireland or Scotland.  I suppose it's a sound carried by Scottish settlers to these Appalachian mountains where I live. 
Dec 16, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for William Staab
"Thank you for friendship on Composers'Forum. Martha Maria"
Jun 18, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Timothy Lee Miller
"Hi there,  No, I haven't run into your sister in Oak Ridge.  Is she musical too?  MM"
May 20, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Timothy Lee Miller
"Hi, What is your sister's name?  Perhaps I know her.  Not likely, but maybe.  Oak Ridge is a small town.  I also enjoyed your music.  I also liked the comment from the professor who said you were someone not afraid to compose beautiful music. I…"
May 15, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hello.  Just came on to say howdy.  Let's make our plan this week!  Are you game?
 Your friend from across the big pond,
Martha Maria
P.S.  Is the royal wedding a big deal over there?  Kate looks like a sweet girl.  I'm not particularly interested…"
Apr 27, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hi There, I'm going to sleep very well!!!!  This little piece reminds me of those sweet summer days when the ice cream truck came around and Mother always gave us a quarter to buy a brown cow.  
Sorry, I haven't checked in more lately.  I've been…"
Apr 21, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter commented on Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter's video
"Just want to mention that I wrote and performed the song "Don't Shout Me Down."  Sorry about the 'sheeple' comment on here...That was the description I wrote for my YouTube channel and it automatically showed up here.  You can take the politics of…"
Mar 21, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hello John, Have not been on the site much....been working a lot on my new website and making more videos.  Just wanted to say a quick hello to you and hope that you are well.  Will try to check in more next week and take a listen to some of your…"
Mar 19, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter posted a video
There are no more Sheeple. Across the globe, the people are waking up, the sheep are not blindly submitting to the dictators and the power elites any more. ...
Mar 18, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"I'm listening, for the second time, to 'One for MarMelodian.'  What a delightful surprise to find this ONE!  It's lovely.  It reminds me so much of piano music from the Civil War Era in the states.  Did you see the Ken Burns film series on PBS about…"
Mar 2, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Listening to Sunshine Scene right now. I like your instrumentation, and the clarity of the parts.  Very sweet melody.  Is that lead instruments something like an ocarina? "
Mar 1, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Funny, I guess I just focused on your middle name, for some reason....don't know why.  Didn't think about it, just typed.  I shall investigate your suggestions about piano music submissions.  Thanks for the tip!"
Feb 25, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"That's a wonderful idea for someone on this site who has the technical know how, the time and the inclination to do exactly that....Composers' Forum radio.  Actually, it could double as a Composers' Forum Music Library as well, a site for music…"
Feb 25, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hi John, Wow, thanks for your nice comments.  To tell you the truth, I don't know the radio stations to which you are referring.  Are they internet stations?  To tell you the truth, what I don't do is market....I'm lazy and remiss about that.  I…"
Feb 24, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Justin Crosby
"Thank you, Justin, for the link.  Sorry I did not acknowledge it earlier.  I don't get e-mail notifications, for some reason, from this site, and had not been on the site for several months.  You are kind to give it to me.  I shall check it out. …"
Feb 24, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter posted a video
What is the real human and environmental cost of oil? How much blood and treasure have we in the U.S. paid for our oil addiction? Lyrics, music and video c...
Sep 17, 2010

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  • Modesty goes by the board on this site - a LOT of the stations, of all genres, are actually run by people playing their own music, their friends' music, their friends' friends' music... I'm sure you get the idea. Why not start up a station, get all this lot to contribute and have a station where ALL of you are being played? Whenever a track's played, it comes up as a clickable so you could go straight to the composer's website. If a composer doesn't yet have a website of his own, I'm sure he could prevail upon someone to 'share' theirs with him, just sell a few of his CD's along with their own, why not? I personally always advocate a 'jukebox' site. That is, a site where EVERYONE has a few tracks under a passport-sized photo of themselves. You hear a track on the Live 365 station you like, you click on it, you go to the jukebox site where you can buy just that one track OR click on the composer's photo to be taken to his own site where you can buy his album. One option, doable through PayPal, is to have a Credit Bank on the jukebox site.  So a listener can buy credit via PayPal, go to the site and just buy the track or tracks he hears and likes - and the sale gets credited to the track's composer! Every so often, the kitty-holder - the guy/lady/guys/ladies keeping control of the central fund that the Credit Bank goes into, pays the composers the monies for the tracks they've sold. That's just an idea, would take a bit of organising but it's doable with todays technology. 


  • Dear Martha.

    Solo Piano Radio - a.k.a. Whisperings is here They're always looking for new artists and your music would get on there without question. In fact, I think they'd bite your hand off to get hold of it! I actually had a piece played on their station once - but only once - think they realised their mistake after that one!


    Live 365 is a somewhat HEWGE collection of online radio stations here:


  • Dear Martha.

    Just wanted to say how GOOD I thought your piano compositions were - far better than most of the stuff I hear on stations like 'Whisperings', on Live365! Which is one of the reasons I was writing - I was wondering if you'd ever thought of submitting your pieces to Solo Piano Radio (main Whisperings site) or to Wyndham Hill recordings (they'd love them!) or even labels like Sola Scriptura. Yours are a refreshing change to most solo piano New Age music, just because they're so much BETTER than most solo piano music! Maybe start a YouTube 'station' with your work, then try to get it on Live 365 radio stations - or maybe even try to get a station of your own going there. It's teriffic publicity. And that's all I think you'd need. You've got the melodies, the skill, the beautiful touch on the keyboards - and you photograph like a dream, too!


    Good luck with all you do.  And thanks for all the lovely melodies. I'm still struggling with learning how to mix on a computer, are you any good at that? If you are, I've sure got a bunch of frustration-borne questions for you.


    Yours with great respect



  • Hi Martha, I noticed your comment on libraries. Here is a great website with links to tons! of libraries:

    It's a great primer for everything regarding licensing your music for television, film etc... royalties, even a ratings section on different libraries. I'm just starting to paw through it myself and am finding the ratings and comments extremely useful as to who to submit to and who to avoid.

  • Hi MM, thanks so much for your kind words and listening.
    Yes I love and use quite a lot ethnic instruments, from Klezmer to pentatonic scales....I like to blend them together or combine them with electric sounds. It´s fun!
    Every sound here is computer-generated yes, not them all sound so good but I try to choose the ones that sound right.
    About the spoken words, I was actually thinking of adding more vocals for the next work I do since there are two singers I would like to work with, but for this one here I only had myself and a computer and I would better not sing! hehe
    I will go back to your profile to listen to more of your music. Thanks, all the best!
  • Hi Martha Maria,
    Thanks for listening to my work, yes I love as well those unexpected paths that mistakes offer us! :)
    Not having too much time now, I only managed to take a quick look at your music, but sounds quite relaxing and calm, that I like! I particulary enjoyed Goodnight Song and New River. I will be back to your profile and listen more properly.
    I am still gathering the information we talked about, I hope to have it ready tomorrow or the day after and I will send it to you. All the best!
  • Hi Martha Maria

    Thanks so much for your most kind words, I am myself a self thought musician so you can be sure that music comes from all over, I liked very much your music, specially The Spotted Pony, Spanish ladies and Hiroshima Mon Amour, after Yourcenar I presume. How nice that you have a Mexican origin. Thanks for connecting and I'll be glad to hear any new music that you compose.

    Hope to stay in touch

  • Hello.on the first thanks for you nice words you say for my music.I am very happy because my music make you feel like you say.No I am not familiar to that radio from Germany.I could say that the most thing momently about my music I do alone,I mean the music i make .I recorded one album(some very good friend help in that)and now i looking everwhere to find help for second album.I hope I will make it.The voice you hear on Lastavica is the voice of one girl from Serbia.and the voice on Lost land is miine.That song i singing.Momently I listen your song and I for this minut or two i listen I can say it is miracle,beautiful really:))I woul like to ask you what is your main instrument,and what instrument you most likely to play?I sow that you are multiinstrumentalist,I also play aboyt 4 different instrument and just o ask what about your instruments you play?Thanks and hope we stay in contact,and became good friend here.See you
  • Open source started with the software industry in 1988 as a response to the increasing restrictive licensing and copyright restrictions on software and the complete lack of credit given to the authors.

    It is about freedom.

    The basic premise is this: By providing the source code (the lines written by developers) free from encumbrances, all humanity benefits from the lessons contained within. It does this through the General Public License. The license does not prohibit the selling of the software, it ensures that

    A) The rights of the original author are always upheld.
    B) That distribution is free (not of cost, of proprietary lock in)
    C) Derivative works are allowed, but the original author still has full credit, while the author of the derivative has equal rights to his/her own additions/changes.

    The biggest misunderstanding about Open Source is that it is free and you cannot make money from it. This is false, and there are now huge companies that work in open source (Including IBM).

    It leverages the abilities of real people everywhere, while restricting the propensity of less than ethical corporations from making it their own and locking it down.

    By extension, other "Open" movements sprung up. Open Standard, the Creative Commons etc.

    For artists, the Creative Commons is of more interest. Like open source, it allows music to be shared, remixed etc. It does not prohibit selling or marketing the work, or derivatives (depending on the license). It just ensures that the original author is always credited.

    A Creative Commons license does prohibit one thing... commercial theft. You are entitled to use and modify a work for your own purposes. Think about the fact that RIAA actually tried to prohibit us from encoding a CD to an MP3, demanding payment for the change in media - even though we hold a license for the work, not the media.

    While I support many aspects of Open Source and its derivatives, it is not for everybody, and I do think their is a place for the traditional corporate style of music distribution and promotion.

    My biggest concern is that todays industry strips all rights to a song from the author. The only guarantee is that the song writer will be credited on the liner notes, but remuneration is not, and the author no longer "owns" their own work.

    This needs to change. The original author must always own the work. It should not be allowed to be sold, just leased (even exclusively is fine). The author should be allowed to retain ownership of the work he or she creates. To many composers have had their songs taken, and given to a "star" performer, and the company and star make the money, while the person who wrote the song, starves.

    Anyway, this is a very simplistic explanation.
  • Wow, I am in love with your voice. It washes over me like a gentle wave.

    I am a huge huge fan of Traditional Music of this style. Am I right a lot of this is more British traditional than say Irish/Scottish?

    Inspiring work. I wish I could sing with as much character and depth.

    I am going through all your songs, and so far Goodnight Song is my fav, but Dancing Bear is really turning my crank too (I cannot play that fast without massive mistakes).

    (Winter On, and March of the Titans sound like they are clipping - I am getting some noise and static sounds here).
This reply was deleted.