Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Mikolaj Holowko
"Thank you.  Interesting that you and several others call my music Celtic since, as far as I know, I have no ancestry from Ireland or Scotland.  I suppose it's a sound carried by Scottish settlers to these Appalachian mountains where I live. 
Dec 16, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for William Staab
"Thank you for friendship on Composers'Forum. Martha Maria"
Jun 18, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Timothy Lee Miller
"Hi there,  No, I haven't run into your sister in Oak Ridge.  Is she musical too?  MM"
May 20, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Timothy Lee Miller
"Hi, What is your sister's name?  Perhaps I know her.  Not likely, but maybe.  Oak Ridge is a small town.  I also enjoyed your music.  I also liked the comment from the professor who said you were someone not afraid to compose beautiful music. I…"
May 15, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hello.  Just came on to say howdy.  Let's make our plan this week!  Are you game?
 Your friend from across the big pond,
Martha Maria
P.S.  Is the royal wedding a big deal over there?  Kate looks like a sweet girl.  I'm not particularly interested…"
Apr 27, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hi There, I'm going to sleep very well!!!!  This little piece reminds me of those sweet summer days when the ice cream truck came around and Mother always gave us a quarter to buy a brown cow.  
Sorry, I haven't checked in more lately.  I've been…"
Apr 21, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter commented on Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter's video
"Just want to mention that I wrote and performed the song "Don't Shout Me Down."  Sorry about the 'sheeple' comment on here...That was the description I wrote for my YouTube channel and it automatically showed up here.  You can take the politics of…"
Mar 21, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hello John, Have not been on the site much....been working a lot on my new website and making more videos.  Just wanted to say a quick hello to you and hope that you are well.  Will try to check in more next week and take a listen to some of your…"
Mar 19, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter posted a video
There are no more Sheeple. Across the globe, the people are waking up, the sheep are not blindly submitting to the dictators and the power elites any more. ...
Mar 18, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"I'm listening, for the second time, to 'One for MarMelodian.'  What a delightful surprise to find this ONE!  It's lovely.  It reminds me so much of piano music from the Civil War Era in the states.  Did you see the Ken Burns film series on PBS about…"
Mar 2, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Listening to Sunshine Scene right now. I like your instrumentation, and the clarity of the parts.  Very sweet melody.  Is that lead instruments something like an ocarina? "
Mar 1, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Funny, I guess I just focused on your middle name, for some reason....don't know why.  Didn't think about it, just typed.  I shall investigate your suggestions about piano music submissions.  Thanks for the tip!"
Feb 25, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"That's a wonderful idea for someone on this site who has the technical know how, the time and the inclination to do exactly that....Composers' Forum radio.  Actually, it could double as a Composers' Forum Music Library as well, a site for music…"
Feb 25, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"Hi John, Wow, thanks for your nice comments.  To tell you the truth, I don't know the radio stations to which you are referring.  Are they internet stations?  To tell you the truth, what I don't do is market....I'm lazy and remiss about that.  I…"
Feb 24, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter left a comment for Justin Crosby
"Thank you, Justin, for the link.  Sorry I did not acknowledge it earlier.  I don't get e-mail notifications, for some reason, from this site, and had not been on the site for several months.  You are kind to give it to me.  I shall check it out. …"
Feb 24, 2011
Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter posted a video
What is the real human and environmental cost of oil? How much blood and treasure have we in the U.S. paid for our oil addiction? Lyrics, music and video c...
Sep 17, 2010

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  • Like Innocence Gone Away = brilliant!

    Yes, I've been writing a lot---I try to get 6 hours in a day. Would like to do more but I get tired.

    Was listening to Goodnight Song---GREAT! I just can't write like that---I'm envious! =)
  • Hi Martha,

    Thank you again for your comments. I am always trying to learn new compositional techniques definitely. I rarely find myself getting stuck in a rut. I think my approach is to line up a lot of projects in advance so I get time to ruminate over them for a few weeks. By the time I actually get to the project I usually have a fairly good idea of what I'll do.

    I guess my other approach is constant stimulation: listening to as much music as possible, reading as much about music as possible, and most important of all ... talking to other musicians and composers as much as possible.

    I also change genres a lot. One day I'll write epic brass music, the next a 3 minute bubblegum pop song. I also enjoy collaborating with other writers.

    I hope these are all useful ideas for helping you to stay inspired! Your music is wonderful so keep writing!
  • Martha,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment on "Accidental Waltz." To be compared to Glass and Bernstein (I'm not sure if you meant Leonard or Elmer, but both are great!) is truly high praise. I'm not sure if I deserve it, but I thank you just the same, and it inspires me to continue working in this vein.

    Your music is wonderful. Elegant and passionate, truly. I love music inspired by and infused with faith for it truly resonates that love and passion (look no further than Bach, Vivaldi, or even Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"). I love the mixture of baroque and folk feeling in your pieces. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
  • Winderful News! I will be looking forward to hearing your Scarlatti work!
    Also, remember... The great composers for the most part, never attended formal universities really.. Debussy, was kicked out of Conservatory for making "strange and illogical harmonies"...academia has a very negative effect, in my opinion, to the creative spirit. It harnesses the imagination of the artist with too many rules... The highest order of music has always been achieved by seeking well within the soul.. And for that.. The artist must free him/herself from as many rules as possible.. Music must be ruly enough to be sufficiently coherent and unruly enough to be revolutionary. A tough balance indeed, which an artist can only learn through the process of life.. The great Beethoven upon his deathbed said ... It is a shame that I must die now.. When I was just learning to compose...
    Recording process is a tad complicated.. It involves a combination of Finale notation, a Steinway grand, and Logic Pro... I am not well verse on the technical aspects of recording.. I just write it as I feel it..
    Thanks again... And remember.. Keep it simple and beautiful....
  • Martha- Thank you for all your wonderful comments. I thank you for your appreciation of my music. My first suggestion would be, never give up on a piece.. you never know what things it may yield....and most of all listen....always listen...listen beyond the technique....what did the composer mean behind the message of his/her music...and not everything has to be harmonically or technically complex for it to have a profound message....Mozart taught us that....his music is technically simple and his structure very straighforward....yet his stands above all others as the greatest music ever written....
    I really believe that your music is very primarily seeks the element of inspiration and that is the main seed of every human's creation...I am listening to "waiting for Spring" and I think it is absolutely speaks a message of anticipation and hope for a better tomorrow...
  • I enjoyed your music very is very original...It speaks to the fact that a lot of good things can still come of out of tonal music...
    Great voice also...
    Curious what inspired the Spanish Ladies?...
  • Aloha, Glad you liked Inward Outward, I am listening to your music now and it is very beautiful. Thanks for the friend request.
  • Well, I really like both the Roland and the magic piano.

    I like yer thoughts on the sound of “reality” when it comes to pop music nowadays.

    I don’t care for pop music of the Britney Spears Madonna type because the entreating part isn’t the music---it’s the cult-like feeling it gives people of “belonging” that fans are attracted to.

    Thanks for all the info on the mics!
  • My operating system is Windows. I’ve heard that Apple is easier to use---but it is way more expensive.

    Are the Sennheiser mic you used and the Shure mic (the “workhorse”) dynamic mics, or condenser mics?

    Well, I think you do a great job recording. Sounds great. As far as computer recording “complexity” goes, the reason I use it is because of the software synthesis factor. They get better every year. Plus, you can do unprecedented editing with it. Now, it’s possible that you may be able to do a lot of computer editing with your Boss setup. Did it come with some sort of mixing/mastering program for the computer? You might be able to directly connect the two via USB or something. If that’s the case---I’d start from there. Also, I already know you can do it---you just HAVE to be patient. It’s like learning an instrument---just keep hacking away at it. It can be VERY frustrating!

    And thank Bob for getting’ you back into music, will ya? Thanks.
  • I've been doing this professionally a really long time now! I'm glad you enjoyed the selections. Welcome to the forum.
This reply was deleted.