Mark Gosney left a comment for Miguel Angel Urbano Lasarte
"Hi Miguel,  Thanks for the friends request!  Your music sounds great right now I'm on my laptop so......  I'll have better listen later.

Jan 14, 2015
Mark Gosney left a comment for Annie Helman
"Hi Annie, thanks for listening to my music and sharing yours!  Your music and playing is very beautiful, with a lot of baroque influence and feel.
I haven't been on here in quit a while and for some reason just stopped by, I need to update the music…"
Jul 20, 2014
Mark Gosney left a comment for Ansgar Kreutz
"Hey Ansgar, very nice work my new friend.  Thanks for stopping by, I love your works I didn't have time to listen to them all yet so I'll be back, but so far my favorite is Endkampf, but I also really like Stabat mater and Halleluja Jesus Christus. …"
Aug 27, 2011
Mark Gosney posted a photo
Aug 21, 2011
Mark Gosney left a comment for Amirul Hisham Othman
"Hey Amirul, very nice work. I play rock guitar as well but so far am just posting the pure Orchestra stuff. Keep up the good work and stay in touch.

Mark G."
Jan 10, 2010
Mark Gosney left a comment for Josh Rickard
"Hey Josh, I love your stuff dude, especially The Way We Were. That to me has a very subtle hit of James Horner or someone similar to him. I'm kind of hearing some hint of Titanic maybe, which I loved btw. That music told a store, it wasn't overly…"
Nov 16, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Hey Fredrick, I have to say after listening to your tunes now a couple of times, I really enjoy "Serenade for Violin" and "Melody 3". I'm a big fan of Ennio Marricone and these two tunes remind me of his work on Cinema Paradiso especially in the…"
Oct 29, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Leoncio Lara Bon
"Hey Leoncio, very very nice stuff. I love the passionate violin in Creditos Finales. Keep up the great work, and stay in touch.

Oct 27, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Boglarka
"Hi Boglarka, thanks for the add. I love the passion in your music, it feels very heart felt. Keep up the good work.

Mark G."
Oct 27, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for James Semple
"Hey James thanks for the add. I love the stuff!!"
Oct 27, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Hey Fredrick, thanks so much for the very positive comments. I really appreciate it! I agree with you that melody seems to be out right now. For me it's a vital component from a writing perspective. That being said there is a lot of good stuff out…"
Oct 26, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Sean McGee
"Hey Sean, thanks for swinging by and dropping your kind words. I agree with you about ,melody in music today. Things are cyclical and it will come back around, they always do. Very nice tunes yourself. Stay in touch.

Mark Gosney"
Oct 26, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Hey Fredrick, I just put some tunes up. Let me know what you think!"
Oct 23, 2009
Mark Gosney left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"Hey Fredrick, I will be posting some tomorrow and will comment back when it's there."
Oct 22, 2009

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  • Greetings Mark,

    I like your music very much. It sounds very professional and well written. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • Hi Mark, your music is lovely. I like the ethnic feel in some of it - the gentle, wistful "Mystic Forest", the "African Hunt" and the slightly Italian elements in the Waltz. 

    Regards - Annie

  • Hi Mark! Wow, I like your "The Mystic Forest", calm and relaxing, I can see bunch of boys wearing viking helm playing hide and seek in the forest. :D You're such an amazing artist!
  • Thanx for your comments as well Mark. The Way We Were is actually written as the Main Theme for a series Im doing about Canada's involvement in Italy during WW2, so I see where you hear that "epicness" about it like TItanic. Good luck with your coarse. I studied music in college and majored in performance (electric guitar...I like my JAzz!) and Composition. But I was fortunate that there is a really good film program at thaschool, so I was able to score several films, Good practice. I should find some of that stuff and post it. ANyway, thanx again...
  • Hey man. Good stuff. "The Mystic Forest" has a very Celtic feel to it. Love that kind of stuff...!
  • Mark,
    Nice to meet you as well. I listened to some of your cues. Very nice melodic structure!
    Welcome to the forum!
  • Hi Mark,
    thank you for your friendship and comment. Very nice music, beautiful catchy melodies!
  • Thanks for your kind words, I hope we can stay in touch!


  • Hi Mark
    I agree with Fredrick, and I personally feel that a strong melody is key.
    Musical fashions come and go but at the end of the day we all love a compelling tune to get stuck in our heads.
    Bravo mate and keep up the good work ;)
This reply was deleted.