Marissa Mylet left a comment for Jim White
"Jim!!   :D  hiya!
I really like your stuff - you should add the Dorian composition you played the other day, cuz that thing kicked all kinds of ass.
Jan 21, 2011
Marissa Mylet left a comment for Les Harper
"Thank you! Anything of mine that will be performed & recorded live will assuredly be a Steinway (varying sizes, I suppose), since that we have at my college."
Dec 1, 2010
Marissa Mylet left a comment for Les Harper
"Honestly, everything with piano here (with the exception of "Wonder and Worry") were done in Logic - I just pick a piano sound already in the bank that most matches the style I'm going for (bright, dark, etc); from there, I usually tweak it with…"
Nov 20, 2010
Marissa Mylet replied to Jacob Royal's discussion Your FIVE favorite composers.
"1. Danny Elfman
2. Claude Debussy
3. Tchaikovsky
4. Bernard Herrmann
5. Rachmaninov

(1-5, most favorite to lesser favorite)
Spot 5 is almost always changing; at the moment, I guess Rach wins."
Nov 20, 2010
Marissa Mylet left a comment for John Hoge
"....I love your background. lol

Also, I really like 'the sorrowful shade of night' - great dark ambience to it!"
Jun 8, 2010
Marissa Mylet left a comment for Tze
"Loved your cues - they are fantastic! I aspire to get into film composition myself, so these were great to listen to ^_^

May 18, 2010
Marissa Mylet left a comment for Jonathan White
"hey Jonathan! I was just listening through your pieces, and I *really* like "Night Dance" (guitars). I'd love to hear this on actual classical guitars. Very soothing & picturesque, if music can be picturesque :P"
Feb 4, 2010
Marissa Mylet left a comment for John Hoge
"I just listened to "Aftermath", and I really like it... I was half expecting it to be dark and ominous, since you usually hear the word "aftermath" in contexts such as: "the aftermath of the hurricane" or "the aftermath of the robbery" or something…"
Jan 29, 2010
Marissa Mylet left a comment for John Hoge
"Your "Menu Theme" is so Zelda, it hurts. But in a good way.
...I think you played this for me before, but I haven't heard the entire thing till now. it's FANTASTIC!"
Jan 6, 2010

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  • hi! i especially like jazz-like second track called 'silent lucy'! i like r'n'b or jazz-sounding rhytms... be my friend!
  • Really sweet stuff :)
  • haha don't worry, i did. its second to last on my list though (mostly because its not like a finished work). 

    I really like your stuff too though! its so magical :D

    are you going to be recording Night November though? I'd love to hear that with the soprano and lyrics and a real piano and violin. 

  • Hi Marissa, you have some wonderful music here. Thanks for sharing! Rudi
  • Really? Well, nice choices, then.
  • I like your piano sound. What are you using?
  • nIce sounds..
  • Hi Marissa,

    great work! I like your language regarding composing. Very emotional and lively es well .. with this litte "groove" :)

    Carpe noctem
  • Hey there Marissa thanks for the comment. When you say "pictureistic" I totally under stand what you mean. Music has always come in the guise of pictures, colors, and feelings for me... I have just finished listening to your piece Joe's Theme, I love it!
  • Aftermath was actually my piece for the Eurhythmics final last semester, I forget if you were there for it or not, but here I've just orchestrated it for a smaller orchestral ensemble:) Yeah, it would be like the aftermath of a battle or something in which the good guys triumphed! Thanks for the encouragement, and I suppose I'll see you tomorrow! Nice new picture:)
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