Marie-Anne Fischer posted a video
TRACK: Plotting | Composer: Marie-Anne Fischer ALBUM: Mischief | VERSION: Cinematic Strings performed by Vienna Session Orchestra You can follow Marie-Anne h...
Jun 5, 2018
Marie-Anne Fischer posted a video
TRACK: Certainty | Composer: Marie-Anne Fischer ALBUM: Confidence | VERSION: Cinematic Strings performed by Vienna Session Orchestra You can follow Marie-Ann...
Dec 16, 2016
Marie-Anne Fischer left a comment for Larry Elliott
"Hi Larry,
Many thanks for your kind words! 
The violin is one of the first pieces I wrote that was performed live.
All the best!
Marie-Anne "
Aug 12, 2016
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"Thank you very much Adens! Lovely to meet you too! "
Dec 17, 2014
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"Hi Steve,
I live in Surrey England not Canada. "
Dec 17, 2014
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Short by Adalynn MartinezMusic by Marie-Anne Fischer
May 25, 2013
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"Hello Mirela, how lovely to see you here!"
Mar 29, 2013
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Promo video scored by Marie-Anne Fischer using the 'Desert Voice' library of Middle Eastern male vocals, available from Sonokinetic. For more music by Marie-...
Jan 14, 2013
Marie-Anne Fischer commented on Marie-Anne Fischer's video
"Hi John, how nice to hear from you and thank you for leaving me a comment and your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the video. I hope that you are well, please keep in touch. Best wishes! "
Jul 8, 2012
Marie-Anne Fischer posted a video
A demonstration and tutorial of Soundiron's Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble by Marie-Anne Fischer exploring the use in her demo "Sleuth Hound" and the techniq...
Jun 7, 2012
Marie-Anne Fischer posted a video
Cue for 'Vivace - featurette'
Feb 23, 2012
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My new keyboard
Oct 20, 2011
Marie-Anne Fischer left a comment for Art Hughes
"Hello Art, 
Thank you very much for your kind comments and visiting my page. I only just got back from being away on holiday. I very much enjoyed listening to your music especially 'Mystery of Water', I like the way you combine vocals with strings,…"
Sep 5, 2011
Marie-Anne Fischer left a comment for William Staab
"Hi Bill,
Apologies for only getting back to you now. Thank you very much for your kind comments. How are you getting on with your course? I absolutely love working with Logic, it works for me and I’m sure that it won’t take you long to get the hang…"
Jul 31, 2011
Marie-Anne Fischer left a comment for Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie
"Nice to see you here Oliver!"
Jul 31, 2011
Marie-Anne Fischer posted a video
My latest score for Sonokinetic 'Trailer Voice 3: Theme Thriller - Voice Jon'
Jul 18, 2011

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  • Marie-Anne

    Feels very gratifying to have your reply. Thank you. Your new piece, The Violin, has your Epic feel using very minimal melodic/harmonic structure. Having hear this it has prompted me to work on my melody, so thank you for that inspiration. The Violin to me was a tender piece with a longing to create deeper relationships. My wife and I both felt this so that was interesting. The piece seems to flow differently to your other pieces. I guess the Tan Dun is rubbing off. I'm starting a new composition and have reached a dead end, but that's OK at least i know where I am. I'm just bought a new piece of software so I'm looking forward to composing using a vsti orchestra!

    All the best

  • Thank you for your kind words. How can i develop? I've got a visual artist who is putting some images to it, one of them being the tower a Babel which i thought was a really good idea. Wishing you the very best with your composition process.

  • Marie. I like your new work. My experience was one of serenity and calmness. Thank you. I would like to hear you try something out of your comfort zone. Something in another idiom? Your new composition reminds me a little of Tan Dun’s work. YouTube him and have a listen to this -
    I wish you all the best

  • Thank you again for your kind words Marie-anne. I enjoy listening to your work as well - good range of styles and moods. I would love to hear what you would do with acoustic ensembles.
    Best wishes,
  • Are you playing the violin on your latest composition ? If it is a library, it sure sounds pretty realistic.

    I liked it. Personally I prefer more complex stuff, but beauty wins over complexity anytime!

    Keep it up, as the say.
  • Thanks for the welcoming words, Marie-Ann. I'll be posting some music in the next few days. In the meantime, if you want to listen, here 's a good place:

    I look forward to hearing your work as well which I intend to do shortly.
    Best wishes from Los Angeles,
  • Thank a lot Marie-Anne. Great work yourself. Cheers Arthur
  • Your composition "Tamed Moments" presents an attractive dialogue between instruments through the medium of a sweet, winsome melody. The rhythms used in the accompaniment are attractively pointillistic in nature and syncopated. As I listened to the piece a second time, I paid more attention to the rhythms in the accompaniment, and I wished that they would take off after having been introduced and repeated a few times, transforming or coalescing the uncoordinated elements of the groove (a funky, tripping pattern) into an energizing steady pulse and creating a climax of sorts by "taming" the rhythm. This would have the effect of quickening the pulse of listeners and heightening our subconsious engagement in the piece. The displaced syncopated accents in the accompanying pizzicato figures are effective in the short term, but seem to cry out for this sort of development in the long term to avoid becoming merely a repetitious element in a pretty, but clockwork structure. Creating a little textural variation for a brief climactic passage of the piece by taming the rhythm of the syncopated pizzicato would probably send a ripple of pleasure over listeners, too, thereby taming them. Then you could return to the original pattern after the climax, creating effective unity and contrast, while winding up tension and releasing it in a final tamed moment. The final chord of the piece did not seem to create the beautiful repose the piece so richly deserves. Its last moment deserves to be the apotheosis of all its tamed moments.
  • Marie-Anne,

    Beautiful use of space. Full and melodic while still retaining a sense of simplicity.
    Very nice!
  • Tamed Moments is such a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing it here. I love the slender choice of instrumentation, allows each to breathe and truly showcase their unique qualities. To me the violin line seems almost lyrical, making it quite easy to be drawn in. A brilliantly intimate work.
This reply was deleted.