Lynn Geyer left a comment for Chris Rodier
"Hi Chris., I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.. I have been struggling with personal yuk since the summer and now am in full swing preparing for my concert at Lincoln Center. I WILL listen to your music as soon as I can have the time AND…"
Nov 9, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Rex Lee
"Thanks, Rex. Nice of you to say! ><>"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Lynne Clarke
"Hi Lynne. Hope this group helps with honing the craft! Too bad we never made it to the beach...the weather was really weird all summer long. Let's go back to plan A of meeting with Sherry in the city! Talk soon; glad you're here. ><>"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Chris Rodier
"On your desktop. You must be a youngun. I, on the other hand am an admitted techno challenged dinosaur and still write on yellow lined legal pads with pencils. My 'files' are stashed in ancient paper folders. Now, THAT might be a project to attempt…"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Bob Metivier
"I had considered posting this on CAM, CCAN, etc and probably should do that but instead (for now) I went through the 4800 names in my email and sent the invitation individually to those I thought would make the best of this forum, both in learning…"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Bob Metivier
"Hi Bob! So glad you jumped're in good company here. There are over 1,000 composers of varied backgrounds, etc. Bill Hayes joined, too. I probably don't REALLY belong here but I enjoy the music the composers post and am always interested in…"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Bill Hayes
"Hot dam; it's Shazam!!!! Hi Bill...You will really love this group...especially since you're a real composer, unlike some of us! ;o) Glad to see you! Put up some songs for everyone to hear! Say hey to Maureen! xo ><>"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Chris Rodier
"Two years ago I had a successful Nashville songwriter, Pierce Pettis, give an all day songwriting workshop at our annual CAM conference. It was awe inspiring; even the most seasoned among us learned numerous new things. One of the interesting things…"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer replied to Lynn Geyer's discussion Looking for a Spirited Gospel Choir.
"Sorry there were no suggestions for a choir for my Christmas concert at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center! But the good news is that just this past week I was able to get commitments from 3 terrific groups to compliment the headliner!!! Woo Hoo.…"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Richard Larencio Matthis
"Richard.. Did I ever say 'Thank You!" for your kind comment about my song? Please accept my apology if I didn't. Thanks very much for listening. ><>"
Sep 17, 2009
Lynn Geyer left a comment for Chris Rodier
"Well, much like the other music groups to which I belong, this one, similarly, has talent of all levels and professional experience or lack thereof. I hope you find a few to collaborate with and draw from. Most creative types love to share;…"
Sep 17, 2009

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  • Hi Lynn,
    I have not visited this site in a very long while. I am game for a meeting in the city.

  • Hi!

    its been a while, but i'm starting a self-challenge and need people to give advice ect!
    My 10 - Week Composing Challenge (Week 6 Concert Band)
    I obviously don't fare well with time constraints... I digress, I went for a Newscast Fanfare approach on this one... fun stuff. Hi All, If you'r…
  • Hi Lynn!

    If you didn't notice when you left me a comment, i added two new pieces! I had one up for musical disection, but Ray Kemp layed down the law (It was actually an ARRANGEMENT, jeez) so I closed that discussion, but you can still hear it.

    and the other, Midnight Dance, is currently up for critique! Just click here to see the post. If you have time that is
    Critique Please! ^___^
    Hello Composers and Music Appriciators. I have for you today an original (short) peice called 'Midnight Dance' and I wrote it as the theme to a shor…
  • its all good ;) I've been so busy with marching band it wasn't even funny. Now its finally over.
  • Thanks for letting me know about this group. I was not aware of it before. I've just been floating around, reading comments made by others. Thanks for thinking of me.
  • Hi!

    I was wondering if you could listen to the piece I just uploaded and tell me if you think it has potential. I call it Midnight Dance, and it was originally the theme song to a story I wrote, but I thought it might be nice if i made it longer and to an orchestra... It only has string and woodwind parts right now, but i still need input to if i should keep going on it or use my time on something else (Like my only other good original, Cairo)

    Thanks in advance O___o

  • Hi Lynn,
    Yes I am about 1.15min from Utica. we go there once in a while..
    We all lose some of our memory when we age:)
    Thanks for saving the email..
    We are getting ready for Steve A. concert on oct 3rd..
  • Hey Lynn, I made on here...Just stating to look around and getting use to the site..Thanks for the invite..
  • yeah, Im still in high school. I couldn't write music on lined paper if i tried! I end up drawing a staff and the notes become too large X___x So I'm just using finale notepad, but I'm thinking about getting a full version of finale printmusic.

    I don't have perfect pitch yet either so I dont know how to hear something and write it down yet ='(
  • Hi Lynn, thanks for the friend invite.
    Nice song, you have a lovely voice.
This reply was deleted.