Lee Miller commented on James Semple's blog post Composers' Forum Get-together in London in late February
"Unfortunately it's the cost of getting into London, but if there's ever a gathering in the West country then I'll be in!

If I DO end up scoring Peter Jacksons next film, money won't be an issue, but Peter doesn't know I exist.........yet!"
Jan 27, 2010
Lee Miller replied to Christoforos Christofi's discussion Good Music Libraries
"Here's a good link for you: http://musiclibraryreport.com/

It lists A LOT of the online library companies out there at the moment but also gives composers the chance to leave reviews. Spread this link around because if companies are getting a bad…"
Sep 21, 2009
Lee Miller commented on Doug Lauber's blog post 'Palladium'
"Jaco forever! :D"
Feb 3, 2009
Lee Miller commented on Cody Weinmann's blog post The Journey
"Hey, glad I was of some help there. What is your ideal for the future? Like I said, deciding what it is you want out of music and where you see yourself being the most content is probably the most important thing you can do right now (maybe you…"
Jan 26, 2009
Lee Miller commented on Cody Weinmann's blog post The Journey
"Every artistic endevour leads us on a path which is paved with seeds of doubt and worry - it is the only way it can be. We must believe that not only are we capable, but that we are worthy too. We all experience pangs of dread at the thought that we…"
Jan 26, 2009
Lee Miller posted a video
Jan 16, 2009