What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?

Film, Television, Multimedia, Orchestra, Small Ensemble, Other

What is your favorite genre or style of music?

solo keyboard or plucked instruments, interactive electronics

Is music your main income source?

Sort Of - Music Related

Where do you live?

New York City and Chicago

About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.

I've done mostly electronic and computer-based composing since about 1970, but I love to compose for traditional acoustic instruments too. I prefer to write small not-that-hard pieces for people to enjoy playing at home instead of writing show pieces for large ensembles or for public presentation, though I've done a good bit of those too. I'm into the experience of composing and playing music, and not much interested in concerts or distribution or promotion. I just love the music itself and the process of being immersed in it.