Kelly Mueller left a comment for Stephen Doheny
"Hey Stephen,

Thanks so much for putting a link on your site. It's a real honour.

I hope you are well xoxox"
Aug 24, 2007
Kelly Mueller left a comment for Chris Merritt
"Thanks Chris, I'm still only getting to grips to all this so please bare with me :-)

You have great sounds on here. What talent you have!


Aug 13, 2007
Kelly Mueller left a comment for Stephen Doheny
"Wow thank-you Stephen. Lovely to hear from you. I'm still getting to grips with all this!

Absolutely Love your music and sound. You are incredibly talented! I hope our creative paths cross at some point :-)


Aug 13, 2007

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  • I've watched and truly enjoyed her performance. Kelly sounds very honest and soulful.
  • Hi Kelly

    I have just visited your website, really nice lyrics & music - Well done!

  • Your voice is so clean, precise, and soulful. I really dig that melancholy vibe on Your Words. Impressive talent. Thank you for sharing !
  • liked your song you have a beautiful voice
  • Wow. I went to You Tube. "Your Words" is beautiful. Wonderful writing & performance. All the more powerful because it's just filmed in a simple setting like your home.

    I don't know why I like the "drip, drop" phrase so much. It's very effective.

    I'm curious about the production. You have no pop filter on the mic. but I hear very little vocal sibilance. Obviously the pop filter would cover your face - not good for the video. How did you get the vocal part so clean (no hisses, pops)?

    Lovely work,

    Eric Waters
  • Kelly...nice works and beautiful voice...
  • Hi
    Id like to know about your work.
  • Hi Kelly, welcome to the Forum! Upload some tracks and photos of your setup, and check out the forums and groups. Can't wait to hear some of your music.
  • Hi Kelly,
    Welcome to the Forum!
    I just joined last night myself. I visted your site and i just love your voice. Excellent music. Maybe I can be honored to write an accomp track for you sometime :-)
    All the best and welcome
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