Jan 7, 2018
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Larry Elliott
"I think you'd like "Sinking Leaf," as well, Larry. Starts out a bit avant garde, but then goes into a prelude type thingy. =)"
Dec 2, 2016
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Matt Le Mare
"Nice work!"
Aug 5, 2011
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Michael Thomas Huspek
"Thanks for the wonderful comment! Means a lot coming from such a fine musician as yourself! =)"
Jan 13, 2011
Kelly Dowhower commented on Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter's video
Sep 30, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"Like Innocence Gone Away = brilliant!

Yes, I've been writing a lot---I try to get 6 hours in a day. Would like to do more but I get tired.

Was listening to Goodnight Song---GREAT! I just can't write like that---I'm envious! =)"
Sep 30, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"Well, I really like both the Roland and the magic piano.

I like yer thoughts on the sound of “reality” when it comes to pop music nowadays.

I don’t care for pop music of the Britney Spears Madonna type because the entreating part isn’t the…"
Sep 8, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"My operating system is Windows. I’ve heard that Apple is easier to use---but it is way more expensive.

Are the Sennheiser mic you used and the Shure mic (the “workhorse”) dynamic mics, or condenser mics?

Well, I think you do a great job recording.…"
Sep 6, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"Yeah, I saw that yer a wife and a mother of two! =) It’s amazing that music bursts forth from every type of life situation. I myself am married and have a daughter that’s already graduated from college. =)

Yeah, I can tell that melody is primary…"
Sep 6, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Martha Maria / Dogwood Daughter
"Fantastic writing and musicianship!

You oughta get together with a playwright and do a musical! Dang! Shoot, you should be doing some Disney too! Wow!

Sep 5, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Karen E. Peace
"I really think Symphony #1 is great!

Fantastic writing!"
Sep 4, 2009
Kelly Dowhower commented on Karen E. Peace's photo
"Heh, heh! WOW! I must admit---I'm amazed! =)"
Sep 3, 2009
Kelly Dowhower replied to chris cole's discussion struggling with "unrealistic" strings..any advice on software to use and techniques..
"Some good ideas---I'll try some of that out.

Aug 27, 2009
Kelly Dowhower left a comment for Steve Chandler
"I've listened to yer symphony 3 times. I like it.

Since I'm far away---you can believe it's the truth. If I was around in person you might think I was just saying that so's you wouldn't use yer martial arts skill on me---heh, heh.

But really,…"
Aug 26, 2009

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  • Greetings Kelly,

    I like Kuro-Kuro and Ave Satre very much. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • Thank for the postive comment. Prase in deed. Really enjoying your music.


    All the very best



  • Your my music has a lot depth and soul... Some the of the best music I ever heard. Just amazing...


    Michael Thomas Huspek

  • Beautiful work.
  • Hi, thanks so much for the kind words -- sorry it took so long to respond.

    Happy Holidays!
  • Thanks for connecting Kelly,

    Most interesting piece your Kuro-Kuro Hope to hear more of your work soon!


  • I'm listening to Balls of Fire.....I LOVE this!!!!! Wonderful, funky, totally original, melodic but pleasantly dissonant, so cool. Just came over to your page to see what you've been up to since I haven't seen you on here in a bit. You've probably been too busy writing cool music! Oh now, I wasn't expecting this slow, dreamy section....almost like looking in those spooky, carnival convex and concave mirrors....reminds me of a Steven King novel....the child sees behind the veil, the adults are clueless....and now it picks up again and the train's about to go off the tracks.....Kelly, this is a masterpiece! What are you going to do with it? Martha
  • So far I have listened to the first movement of your Violin Sonata. Enjoy your material - wish the slow section with the very low piano part went on longer.

    Good use of imitation - only quibble is you rely on it a little too often. I wish there was some more antagonism between the two. But you have great accompaniment figures traded between the violin and piano and call response. A good part is where they trade and then unite that was a nice touch (around 5:50). Also enjoy the ending - good harmonic support and recall of the of broken octaves.

    Anyway, very small things, overall a very good movement I enjoyed.

    Second movement - a little too static though I think with live performers it would sound much less so. I like the one or two harmonic diversions in the return of the A sections - would have liked a few more.

    Third - like how you keep it related to the first with the sinuous chromatic repetitive figures in both movements - different material but share these characteristics. Good job there.
  • The Shur vocal mike is not a condenser. The two I use for instrumental recording are....They pick up all the surround sound. The vocal mike is pretty much uni got to be right there on it.
    There is a way to do mastering and editing with the Roland, right there in the machine. But to tell you the truth, I've never tried to do it. I just turn it on and record, like it's a cassette player. I just keep playing and singing til I get a take that's pretty good. I've been using a Roland Fantom X8 for my recent piano recordings....I LOVE the sound of the old piano, but too many don't....I guess it's an acquired taste. Also, I think modern recording techniques and the highly polished chrome like perfection fo digital instruments has kind of affected popular taste....reality just sounds 'wrong' to a lot of people now. Martha
  • Hi, I'm just wondering about your set up? Probably a ditzy question, but I have not used any of the computer stuff. So are you using an apple or windows? I keep thinking I'd like to try out computer recording, but I'm afraid of how complicated it all seems....I'm a something of a Ludite. Actually, I'm using a Roland Boss 1200 recording machine. For the "magic' vintage piano, I used some fairly cheap condenser mikes, two of them. Also used them for all the instrumental pieces on the Cumberland Suite. For voice, I've been using a Shur mike....I'm not sure which number it is....I'd have to go out to the studio and look. It's the workhorse that nearly everyone uses, not very expensive but it's the most used vocal mike, even by some big stars who swear by it. I did try out a Synheiser (is that the name?) that an engineer in Nashville told me about, but didn't like it. Sounded muddy for my voice....might sound very good for a male vocal. My method is just to sit down and play....dont' have the technical knowledge to go back in and fix anything, so sometimes it's a little rough. But, I comfort myself by saying at least it's alive and real. I do a few takes and go with the best one, flaws and all. Sometimes I just get tired of a piece and say what the hell and let little mistakes go....Have to run. Later. MM
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