Michael Porter replied to Josh Rickard's discussion Duel on the Cliffs
"It's not bad, but be wary of slipping into some generic fantasy game style. It does flow well, and the beginning is decent, but what really gets me into it is the dramatic buildup starting at 1:10. Actually, it's that piccolo/flute that really does…"
Dec 4, 2009
Josh Rickard left a comment for Mark Gosney
"Thanx for your comments as well Mark. The Way We Were is actually written as the Main Theme for a series Im doing about Canada's involvement in Italy during WW2, so I see where you hear that "epicness" about it like TItanic. Good luck with your…"
Nov 16, 2009
Josh Rickard commented on Jason Ward's video
"Too cool!"
Nov 16, 2009
Josh Rickard left a comment for Jason Ward
"Too cool. Ive always had a special place in my heart for the New Age sound. Glen Onoko is beautifull!"
Nov 16, 2009
Josh Rickard left a comment for Mark Gosney
"Hey man. Good stuff. "The Mystic Forest" has a very Celtic feel to it. Love that kind of stuff...!"
Nov 16, 2009
Josh Rickard replied to Jonathan White's discussion Masquerade
"Its a good start man. Youve established a chord progression and a good home base.
My ear wants to hear theme that stands out in a register above the cello... but I like that you have interplay between the cello and piano like a little conversation.…"
Nov 16, 2009
Josh Rickard replied to Dan and Deryn Cullen's discussion Dark Places- Cello quartet
"Perfect for an overcast Sunday Afternoon!. Good sounding recording as well. Must be nice to have the Wife on hand for recording such things. Makes me want to record a guitar quartet."
Nov 15, 2009
Josh Rickard replied to Josh Rickard's discussion Greetings, Who wants to listen?
"Again, thanx for the comments. I think some times its just nice to have reassurance from other musicians / composers rather than friends if you know what I mean. And your last comment Ray, about everyone working at different levels and learning…"
Nov 14, 2009
Josh Rickard replied to Josh Rickard's discussion Greetings, Who wants to listen?
"Thanx for the response Ray. Right now all I have is Allegro 2007 and my computer's sound card to work with. I am not so technicaly or "gear" savvy, but I have a genious friend who has a recording studio with all that stuff. So at the moment, I am…"
Nov 13, 2009

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  • Greetings Josh,

    Your music is very nice and well thought out. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • Greetings Josh!
    Thank you for your kind comments on "Glen Onoko" and "Tiny Bouncing Objects CGI". Listening to your first title "Drizzt vs. Entreri" I can easily envision the music in a D&D or other RPG as a unique boss fight or MMO exploration area. It catches that feeling quite well. Keep it up my friend!
    ~ Jason
  • Hey Josh, I love your stuff dude, especially The Way We Were. That to me has a very subtle hit of James Horner or someone similar to him. I'm kind of hearing some hint of Titanic maybe, which I loved btw. That music told a store, it wasn't overly complicated compositionally, or Orchestration wise but was soulful, melodic, etc. All are great though! Thanks for the compliments on Mystic Forest, I'm taking a class on writing to picture so all those cues are short because they were written to short scenes. All could are crying for more development, and will get it in due time.

    It's great to meet you and stay in touch.

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    TIME.IT il sito dell'Ora Esatta e dei Fusi Orari
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