Jonathan Zuniga left a comment for Anders Christensen
"What happened to your pirate piece?"
Jul 15, 2013
Jonathan Zuniga replied to Roland Bouchat's discussion Extensive RAM memory for music composing
"Hmm, I am wondering what the answer to your qustion is as well..."
Dec 3, 2012
Jonathan Zuniga replied to Charlotte van Gemeren's discussion Good software to orchestrate
"Hi Charlotte. I would definitely recommend using the EastWest Symphonic Orchestra and then maybe adding to it with Hollywood Strings. It sounds real and it is what many composers use to write their music, such as: Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix…"
Dec 3, 2012
Jonathan Zuniga replied to Anthony Berlin's discussion Did I steal this?
"There is a similarity between your piece, from 1:47, and "Hook-main themes" by John Williams.  If you want to se what I'm talking about, I've put a youtube link here to show you what I'm talking about. …"
Jun 16, 2012
Jonathan Zuniga left a comment for Tyler Hughes
"Thanks Tyler. =)"
Jun 16, 2012

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