Jim White replied to David Jacques's discussion How do you get out of a rut?
"What i like to do sometimes when i need inspiration is go outside or something, like go for a run. Another thing I like to do is think of a really emotional memory of some sort in order to bring out more emotions in myself.
You also could try taking…"
Feb 7, 2011
Jim White left a comment for Marissa Mylet
"haha don't worry, i did. its second to last on my list though (mostly because its not like a finished work). 
I really like your stuff too though! its so magical :D
are you going to be recording Night November though? I'd love to hear that with the…"
Jan 21, 2011
Jim White left a comment for John Hoge
"haha that would be great! lol but yeah, I'm coming in as composition. I think there is one other person in Music Tech Comp. But you were able to switch into composition? thats great! So, more information on that software would be terrific. thanks!"
Jul 13, 2010

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  • Jim!!   :D  hiya!


    I really like your stuff - you should add the Dorian composition you played the other day, cuz that thing kicked all kinds of ass.



  • Hey man, I like your compositions alot! I know you're a big FF fan, and it shows! I gotta get you some info about East West so you can work with some more realistic samples though haha:D Are you coming in to Duquesne as a comp student, or are you going to switch into the program like I did?
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