Colin Dougall replied to Jim Stam's discussion Good And Inspiring Books
Do you mean books about composing for film specifically of books to improve your general knowledge about composing and music analysis in general?
I don't kmow anything about the former but there are tons of books on the latter - Donald Tovey…"
Feb 1, 2019
Domo Pax Inekigha replied to Jim Stam's discussion Good And Inspiring Books
"I would just say i dont have any books i own about film music, but i would say i think there are maybe materials online plus sources that give good information about film music. Hope you find good materials that give detailed information on film…"
Jan 30, 2019
Jim Stam replied to Brandon Schwab's discussion Throwing Feathers - Brandon Schwab ---- All Feedback Appreciated
"Nice one mate!
The part from 1.19, the part were the sax is playing. I think it's a little too empty and kind of get's rid of the nice flow I got in in the beginning. Maybe add some more layers? the rest I think is very good :)"
Jan 18, 2019
Jim Stam replied to Domo Pax Inekigha's discussion Music for trailer (Trailer music concept)
"It is a very cool piece and I can definitely catch the emotion. I really think you have accomplished what you were trying to do!
I don't feel like im in the proper place to critique your piece, but since I have quite some experience in audio I can…"
Jan 15, 2019

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