Jessica Sibelman left a comment for Peter Scartabello
"I've been out of college since 2008--- I actually quit music from my junior year of college to a few months ago! I was working in marketing at a firm.. but realized I missed music too much! I formed the orchestra…"
Oct 7, 2009
Jessica Sibelman left a comment for Peter Scartabello
"lol- thanks for the advice-- the one nice thing is that I do have an orchestra, and they are all about my age range so we are all friends.. so if I ever need a HUGE favor, I have people that can help me!

Where are you? I love to read/perform…"
Oct 7, 2009
Jessica Sibelman left a comment for Peter Scartabello
"Hi Peter-

Thank you for your kind words! Any advice for a rookie-composer? I am trying to expand my horizons in terms of style, etc. Look forward to keeping in touch!

- Jessica"
Oct 7, 2009

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  • Greetings Jessica,

    Your Violin Concerto is very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • First Movement!! Very awesome!

  • hi Jessica! I'm very interesting in your introduction and I wanna listen your music!. Actually I'm a senior and a composition majoy in a conservatory of China, applying for American guaduate study, your school, New England Conservatory of Music is my dreamschool! I hope I will be accepted and be your friends!
  • jess you should opload some music...
  • Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for adding me
  • Also, I would love to write a piece for your orchestra. I was commissioned by the Warick Symphony in RI and wrote a piece for them and actually got paid!!!! hahahaha. That doesn't happen too often!!
  • WOW!! I wish I had an orchestra at my disposal.... I miss college. I am in RI. I'll send you a PDF of the score if you are interested and don't mind printing it out, my printer broke, or else I would send you a copy.
  • My only advice is to stay true to your vision and write as much as you can. Sometimes I write orchestral music, but let's face it, it's hard to get that stuff played. It's better to write for small ensembles and friends who play, because you really only learn after a piece has been performed. Our art differs from visual art because it never reaches fruition until it is actually played and not just ink on a page. So now I am going to pimp one of my pieces....hahahaha.... You wouldn't happen to be interested in playing a woodwind quintet of mine? Never hurts to ask. Noticed you played clarinet. -Pete
  • Very refreshing to hear some one convincingly writing in a traditional way. I have been listening to so much Mahler lately, I'm tempted to completely abandon my avant-garde ways!! ;) -Pete
  • Hello Jessica,I am also new here,thanks you accepted my request,hope we be in contact.See you
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