Jerry Engelbach replied to Gavin Brown's discussion I’ve Been Accepted By a Publisher question
"I think you're being ripped off.
At least a fifty-fifty split would be more fair.
70-30 (70 to the composer) is more industry practice.
However, you're making nothing off the work now, so maybe something is better than nothing.
May 27, 2020
Jerry Engelbach replied to Paul Walker's discussion Orchestrating for beginner
"The best book on the capabilities of instruments is probably Orchestration, by Cecil Forsyth.
This is a well-known "bible" of the playing characteristics of each instrument.
Nov 13, 2019
Jerry Engelbach left a comment for phil Kelly
"I'm blown away.

Jesus, Phil, you make the rest of us sound like amateurs.

Wonderful, complex arrangements (and fabulous playing). I'm sure I could learn a lot from seeing the scores.

Much appreciate the notification.

May 28, 2008