Jeff Heim left a comment for August Champlin
"Great melodies! The instrumentation is all very nice, some lovely chords in the brass (minor iv chord - major I chord is my favorite- very romantic). My one suggestion is this piece doesn't develop much. You might consider changing tempos or time…"
May 6, 2009
Jeff Heim left a comment for Leslie Quarcoopome
"Hey Leslie,

I've also been listening to some of your samples, and I first noticed how well you've mastered the GPO sounds. The ideas you present in "The Person in the Mirror" and "Driving Forward" are truly unique. Keep it up!"
Apr 22, 2009
Jeff Heim left a comment for August Champlin
"The music department here is great! All the professors here are wonderful and I've learned a lot in such a short amount of time. I'm taking composition lessons with Andrew Boysen and Chris Kies, both providing me with a valuable education in…"
Feb 27, 2009
Jeff Heim left a comment for August Champlin
"You're asking the right person, I went through the exact same process you're considering going through, and it really comes down to two questions: how much are you willing to spend (on both EWQL, and on a new computer)? And how much time are you…"
Feb 26, 2009
Jeff Heim commented on Jason Ward's video
"Love it!"
Feb 25, 2009
Jeff Heim left a comment for Jason Ward
"Thank you! I also had a listen to your music- I love the melodies with arpeggiation in the piano- very moving and ethereal. I could picture this in an adventure-like setting in a movie or videogame. Keep up the good work!"
Feb 25, 2009
Jeff Heim left a comment for Fredrick zinos
"hmmm...that is interesting! Not sure how that happened, but I'm sure it was terrifying! Thank you for the feedback. I listened to your string piece, Rondo and loved it. Every part has something interesting going on, and there's so much thematic…"
Feb 25, 2009

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  • Greetings Jeff,

    I like your music. It is quite epic sounding. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • You could have done the score to Indiana Jones! Awesome!
  • Thanks, Jeff, for your comments and constructive criticism. I agree that "In the Light of the Trinity" doesn't develop much. It's sedate and slow with long-lines and few variations in tempo or tonality. These are weaknesses or maybe just characteristics of this piece I've tried to address in various drafts, of which I've written dozens and dozens over the years. As I try to revise the version I posted, it will be useful for me to consider development and variation. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of your destination when working on a piece that exists in multiple drafts.

    Keep up the good work. I'm listening to your music as as I write this and appreciate the clear textures and spacious orchestration.
  • Hi Jeff, many thanks for the add. I started listening to your tracks this morning and was immediately impressed. Great ideas. I hope to audition them all in good time.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I just finished listening to No Fear, No Mercy - really liked it. I'll be back.
  • Sometimes I can't believe I'm all the way out in Korea either.
  • Hi, just looking around and saw that you are a new member and you live in Massachusetts! Nice to see a fellow MA resident on here.

    Took a listen to your music and you have some good stuff here.
  • Thanks for your detailed feedback on using EWQL and Finale. I see that I am going to have to save up for this major upgrade. Perhaps when I move back to the States in six to twelve months, I'll be ready to plop down that kind of cash for a new computer and sample library. In the meantime, I'll have to make due with my lil' ol' GPO.

    By the way, how's the music department at UNH? I'm contemplating returning to the States from Korea, where I train English teachers, to pursue a PhD in English. One of the schools I applied to was UNH. If I'm accepted, it might be nice to take a few courses in choral conducting or composition, the only two facets of music I still do much work in.
  • Hey Jeff,

    Listening to your music I was struck by the quality of the recordings, mixing, and mastering. What programs are you using to do these in? I'm hoping not Finale; if so, you're a much better user than I. Also, how well do EWQL products integrate with Finale 2008? I'm considering upgrading from Garritan to EWQL, but first will need a better computer.
  • Jeff! I listened to several of your tracks and they are all awesome! I could easily envision hearing music like this in any of our modern day epic games from World of Warcraft to Battlefield and Counter Strike and even in movies demanding a strong score like Titanic and Lord of the Rings. Excellent music!
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