Jason Ward posted a video
Tiny Bouncing Objects 2 Animated Music VideoWhen I set out to create the animations in my original Tiny Bouncing Objects video I had no idea how much of a task I had given myself. In reality it wasn't that I was trying to do something exceedingly…
Oct 23, 2011
Jason Ward posted a video
Enya has long been an inspiration to me. In particular, "Orinoco Flow" and "Storms in Africa" have long been 2 of my favorite songs.
Sep 2, 2011
Jason Ward left a comment for MILAII
"Your orchestral music is wonderful. I love your album cover art, it is very much like something I would create for my CDs, reminds me a little of my Transcendence CD cover actually. Wonderful work!"
Aug 11, 2011
Jason Ward left a comment for MILAII
"Thank you Milaii! I'll be sure to upload some new music here soon. =)
 ~ Jason"
Aug 11, 2011
Jason Ward left a comment for Doug Lauber
"This is a little out of date. I've since upgraded the computer system and monitor, but all the other gear is pretty much the same.
Jul 24, 2011
Jason Ward left a comment for Bill Ricci
"The final recording device is a 24-bit sound blaster, but all my synths and effects are patched with 1/4 inch cables through a Mackie mixer before being sent to the computer."
Sep 29, 2010
Jason Ward commented on RickyIbanez's video
"Awesome! I love how you took your knowledge of rock music and applied it to this tune. The percussive track screams rock and roll while the melodies are very much easy listening. Combining them together gives this track a fun twist that is enjoyable…"
Sep 28, 2010
Jason Ward left a comment for Bill Ricci
"All the music and effects are produced by hardware synthesizers and digital effects units. The only 2 things I use the computer for are the sequencing / notation software and to record the final track for release. Both the Roland D-20 and the Roland…"
Sep 28, 2010
Jason Ward posted a video
Antelope Canyon is one of the most fascinating, mysterious, and beautiful places on Earth. Located just moments from Page Arizona, It is the probably the mos...
Sep 28, 2010
Jason Ward left a comment for Bill Ricci
"Thanks Bill, I appreciate your kind comment. =)

Your music is nice and relaxing, kinda reminds me of Kitaro infused with a little Tangerine Dream or Animusic a bit.
~ Jason"
Sep 27, 2010
Jason Ward left a comment for Norman Rose
"Snowflakes really reminds me of some of Nobuo Uematsu's works. Very bright and I love the main rift. What a fun little piece."
Sep 18, 2010
Jason Ward left a comment for Norman Rose
"Listening to Vista now. Incredible to say the least! Very beautiful score and wonderful choice of samples. Going to listen to more of your work now."
Sep 18, 2010
Jason Ward left a comment for Andy Schofield
"Ambient Life is an interesting track. I can hear your references to Enya among all the other stuff going on in the track. I like that it isn't too laid back because those wishy-washy laid back ambient tracks are what gives new age music a bad name.…"
Jul 27, 2010
Jason Ward posted a video
Soames Hill Original New Age Music Video by Jason WardWhen I was a boy growing up in Gibsons, British Columbia, this beautiful miniature mountain was always ...
Mar 10, 2010
Jason Ward left a comment for Andy Schofield
"Hey Andy. I'm listening to African Dream and I love it! Very inspiring and beautiful work. Its like a fusion of new age and symphony orchestra styles and has great flow to it. Really fantastic work and production!"
Feb 20, 2010
Jason Ward replied to Deborah Young's discussion My First Real Mix: "Beyond Beauty"
"Haha! Yes, I've definitely had many sleepless nights in my studio experimenting with both composing and mixing. It is a very enjoyable way to spend time and the hours can very quickly melt away. Sounding much better Deborah, keep punching away at it."
Dec 14, 2009

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  • Greetings Jason,

    I like your music very much. It has a new and fresh quality to it. Thanks for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • Amaizng works
  • Thanks for the friendship! like you taste:)
  • Studio photo- thanks! Not a bad setup. :)
  • Hey there! Everyone is asking- 'Where are the photos of Jason's studio?' Listening to Great Bear and it sounds good...
  • Great Bear, Soames Hill, Glen Onoko are all very pleasant and I'd be happy to have them playing in my car when I drive. They are very good symphonic orchestra pieces. If each one were shortened and became movement 1, 2 and 3 of a single piece, I'd say you had something spectacular.
    Fanfare for good times? The over-all feel for me is one of low-level unresolved tension. I am not a big fan of the whining oboe (or is that a bagpipe) .
    Water under the bridge grabbed my attention in the first few bars and I was quite happy with it throughout. It really made me want more. It appears that the sound is a loop repeated three times. If each repetition added something like a counter melody or change in tempo to indicate a change in the 'type of water' it describes (example: rapids, small waterfall, still pool), I would want to buy it. This one for me was the best single piece.
  • Hi Jason,
    I've been out of the loop for a while, figuring out how to do things in real time. (eliminating latency). I'm listening to and greatly enjoying Great Bear Rainforest - nice work.
  • Nice Jason! Its good to see other people using hardware around here! We're a dying breed man!! Lol! Are you going with 1/4 in. jacks into the recording device? It really has a warmth to it that you just don't hear as often anymore. I really enjoy it. Great work!
  • Hi Jason. After a second listen I have to ask, Are you using software or hardware? Some of your patches have a groovy analog warmth to them. Very cool!
  • Great music! Has that old school Ray Lynch vibe with an original twist. Me Dig!!
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