James G. Watson commented on Achazia's blog post New song: The Queen
"It's different to what I expected when I imagined medieval, but I think it's really good - as Jennifer Brawley said: serene. I think the mix is fine, and that you're worth a follow on soundcloud."
Jul 4, 2012
James G. Watson replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Describe your music in one word
"What I have: brass

What I want: phwoar"
Jun 30, 2012
James G. Watson left a comment for Beth Patterson
"Thanks for the comments on my stuff. I like your stuff, but I think perhaps you should invest in some better/stronger percussion - just listening to PixieDreams it sounded a little mechanical. Maybe one reason you like my stuff is because I feel I…"
Feb 4, 2012
James G. Watson replied to Jeremiah Edward's discussion New Film Score Piece- Prepare for Space Launch
"I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I only listened to it on small speakers, so I can't say much about the mix."
Feb 3, 2012
James G. Watson replied to Jeremiah Edward's discussion Question for Tech Savvy Computer Composers
"I know this is an old topic, but in case you still need advice...
Do you have an HDMI port? Perhaps with a splitter you could power multiple monitors through that. I would also suggest identical monitors to avoid any resolution or alignment issues.…"
Jan 19, 2012
James G. Watson replied to Tombo Rombo's discussion The Magic of Windows Media Player
"The way mp3 is encoded means that you can get high frequency artifacts at low bitrates, and Soundcloud does downsample to 128kbps. Also, you may have have some plugins on WMP like SRS, or an EQ."
Jan 19, 2012
James G. Watson replied to Charlotte van Gemeren's discussion Good software to orchestrate
"I think what you're looking for are virtual instruments (DXis for Mac I think). You could try VSL for a solo violin, or if you've got Kontakt you could try others like Hollywood Strings.

Most virtual instrument plugins need a sequencer/DAW like…"
Dec 12, 2011
Rachel Pappas replied to James G. Watson's discussion Vienna Dimension Brass
"I've used Miroslav Philharmonik as a vst for brass instruments, and for most of my instruments for that matter (excluding choir) and it works very well :)"
Nov 29, 2011
James G. Watson replied to James G. Watson's discussion Vienna Dimension Brass
"I'm pretty sure you need actual 'sequencing' software, like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc."
Nov 28, 2011
Jonathan Skyler replied to James G. Watson's discussion Vienna Dimension Brass
"I am transitioning samplers from Akai S600s to Vienna Symphony player.  do you know if I can export my midi files from Protools and import to VSL player to use their proprietary player and high quality orchestra samples?  jonathanskyler@skybeam.com "
Nov 28, 2011
James G. Watson replied to Tyler Hughes's discussion Composers' Forum Podcast? Ideas go here
"You could feature a member of the forum at the end by playing one of their pieces. And having looked at the way podcasts work, the interviews are usually quite long, then cut down to the 'most interesting' bit, lasting a comparatively short time.
Nov 6, 2011
James G. Watson replied to Michael Realy's discussion ASIO issues with Cubase (please help!)
"I use Cubase 5 64-bit on Windows 7 64-bit and it just latched on to the default driver of my computer. Does your computer not have a default driver? It also offered a low-latency driver which I assume was installed with Cubase.
Switch from driver…"
Oct 8, 2011
James G. Watson replied to Mike's discussion Love to hear your thoughts on this one
"I agree with Doug on the guitar sound - cut the treble. Or if are re-recording it, you can re-amp it, perhaps use either a very fat and warm Van Halen style distortion, or the more blues/crunch on the neck pickup sound.
I found the vocals…"
Oct 7, 2011
James Semple replied to James G. Watson's discussion Vienna Dimension Brass
"Hmm well I've never really been that big a fan of the sound of Vienna's brass.
Great brass available now: -
Spitfire Albion (only ensembles but stunning sound from top London players recorded in AIR Studios)
CineBrass (again top players but this…"
Oct 4, 2011
James G. Watson replied to Kane Aoki's discussion Game-ish Theme (testing)
"It sounds like a really jolly adventure - nice. On the technical side of tit though, I'd say the wind instruments at the begining might sound sound better legato.The big hits, aren't really that big, but they fit the peice. They could have much…"
Oct 4, 2011
James G. Watson replied to Paul Zaval's discussion 'Daughters of Isha' (VST-orchestral)
"Have you looked at the "set up a studio with zero budget"? But for a relatively cheap choir plugin check out Vienna - Full choir £375, or just Sopranos for £83, if you're not already using that..."
Sep 13, 2011

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  • Just discovered your percussion track - as a dummer it's very refreshing to hear!

  • Been dipping in and out of your music this eve - nice variety.

  • Hi! I use EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold mainly. These instruments are not exactly cheap, but they really sound good. As for equipment, I use M-Audio Axiom 49 midi controller.
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