Ingo Lee replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Music for Orchestra 7
"Very satisfying and accessible Dane I think you have found a happy spot between atonality and predictability here that we can all be happy with.  I'd say this is noorish but it is too sophisticated for that; let's just say there are restless spirits…"
Oct 10
Ingo Lee replied to James A. Goins's discussion Your Feedback is Welcome
"This is quite well done IMHO James because it is accessible and engaging and will appeal to a wide range of people but it still has some nice counterpoint and development to catch my jaded ears as well.  Sure you could do other things with this but…"
Oct 9
Ingo Lee replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Prelude for Percussion
"You've definitely got rhythm here Dane, very inventive but cohesive development of a basic pulse.  The sounds are of good quality and blend together well and this is a technical feat too I understand.  It does have the quality of a classic drum solo…"
Oct 9
Ingo Lee replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Annual Donation Drive
"Dane has pointed out one of our problems here at CF which is the poor ratio of posting to commenting.  He's right of course but there's no easy way to rectify that problem.  A lot of sites have required a certain number of comments to be made before…"
Oct 3
Ingo Lee replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Song of Songs - first 'fragment' Intro with a couple of verses. 1'55"
"Tonal yes and very romantic to my ear.  Still some of your Dane idioms are lurking in the phrases which give this an interesting twist, like there is another song barely hidden from me here. Your choice of material is interesting, this text is…"
Oct 1
Ingo Lee replied to Ramon Capsada Blanch's discussion Walking by four-note chords
"Ramon this is a satisfying and enjoyable piece.  I'm always a little suspicious of programmed music (maybe this piece doesn't fit that definition) but I would not have thought in those terms if I hadn't read your explanation of your method.  The…"
Oct 1
Ingo Lee replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Annual Donation Drive
"Hello my fellow composers,  the Donation Drive is drawing to a close here and we have had a good turnout and we are close to having enough money to continue with Composer's Forum but we are not there yet so please consider helping out.  CF has never…"
Sep 29
Ingo Lee replied to John T. Sylvanis's discussion Vienna Symphonic Library Concert Guitar
"Hi John -  Uploading is pretty easy, in the window where you enter text for a reply you can click on the 5th icon from the left at the top of the text entry box and it will allow you to browse to a file on your computer to upload.  The CF player…"
Sep 12
Ingo Lee replied to Kjell Prytz's discussion Guitar with an orchestra
"This is a very beautiful piece Kjell and it works well in an orchestral setting.  The guitar of course has trouble balancing with this ensemble even in virtual form. That's why guitar concertos are often done with chamber groups or even guitar only…"
Sep 12
Ingo Lee replied to Ali Riza SARAL's discussion Forty one variations on a Hymn - for Classical Guitar
"Hi Ali - I'll bet the Villa-Lobos prelude you played was number 1 in Em?  That's the one all the guitar players wanted to play after they heard Segovia do it.
This piece is well done but it is very personal and it is asking a lot from your listeners…"
Sep 12
Ingo Lee replied to Gavin Brown's discussion The Ballad of Sir Orangefire for Brass Quintet
"Wow Gav, good writing and a good performance/recording too.  I especially liked the second section with the horn featured leading to the partial recap, well done!
Thanks for posting, it's neat to see CF people getting recognition."
Sep 8
Ingo Lee replied to John T. Sylvanis's discussion Vienna Symphonic Library Concert Guitar
"Hi John, thank you for commenting on VSL and sampling in general.  Here are two examples of the VSL library from our own CF members which I think rival live recordings in fidelity, I personally would have difficulty saying for certain that either of…"
Sep 5
Ingo Lee replied to Ali Riza SARAL's discussion Let me rock'n roll
"Gav is right I think Ali, the accented 2 and 4 beats on the snare drum are almost required and the bass guitar usually is sychronized if not doubled with the drum parts. This makes it hard to get a balanced sound in the lower registers but a strong…"
Aug 26
Ali Riza SARAL and Ingo Lee are now friends
Aug 23
Kjell Prytz replied to Ingo Lee's discussion Piece for Flute and Two Guitars
" Pretty piece in the song format. I would have continued this with a solo violin coming in, guitar and violin fit nicely together, it may give a gypsy flavour.
Thanks for a pleasant listening."
Aug 23
Ingo Lee and Ali Riza SARAL are now friends
Aug 22

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  • Hello there, welcome to composersforum :] if you're looking for some of my works, you can check them out on my profile page, I did upload couple of new stuffs on video/playlist~ Looking for yours too, please share if you do :p

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