Ian Gallacher posted a video
Blood Orange by Ian Gallacher Footage from Cinetrove: https://www.youtube.com/user/cinetrove/
Dec 21, 2015
Ian Gallacher posted a video
Sweetwater by Ian Gallacher Footage used supplied by: http://mitchmartinez.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/DepockVlogs/videos
Dec 29, 2014
Ian Gallacher posted videos
Sep 10, 2014
Ian Gallacher posted a video
The Candidate, written by Ian Gallacher. Stock footage from http://mitchmartinez.com/ and http://www.videezy.com/
Aug 25, 2014
Ian Gallacher replied to Tombo Rombo's discussion What was the first computer music program you used?
"Ah those were the days Ray, I think I still have my TG300 somewhere (mislaid after a few moves), and people are still using it here.
I think your SW1000XG sounds better based on the youtube clip.

Ray Kemp said: Yes Ian, I forgot to mention Yamaha…"
Oct 23, 2010
Ian Gallacher replied to Tombo Rombo's discussion What was the first computer music program you used?
"My first music program was Cubase Score (for Mac) in the mid 90s, which cost a fortune as did my Yamaha TG300 sound module.

Was introduced to Logic, which I found much easier and then for a long time was using version 4.7.3 with VST instruments,…"
Oct 22, 2010
Ian Gallacher left a comment for Adam Weldon
"Got it working, I like it, epic but not bathed in too much reverb (like some pieces out there are) emotive too - in a similar way to Thomas Newman's work"
Jan 27, 2010
Ian Gallacher left a comment for Adam Weldon
"HI Adam, I agree I wouldn't buy it either (but listen on spotify maybe), I'd be watching a scene and suddenly think, "that sounds familiar". The Mission is a superb soundtrack, my favourite is "Once upon a time in the West" - which isn't the most…"
Jan 27, 2010
Ian Gallacher left a comment for Adam Weldon
"What did you think of the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack? I thought it owed a lot to the more 'whimsical' soundtracks from Morricone (which certainly isn't a bad thing!). It reminded me in part of "My Name Is Nobody" - of course it also had the…"
Jan 26, 2010
Ian Gallacher left a comment for Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]
"Hi Rudi, thanks, the title came easily that time, sometimes it takes me longer to think of a title than the initial musical idea!

Really enjoyed Walpurgis and Sketch in D Minor, both have a cinematic air to them (to my ears at least) - great music…"
Jan 21, 2010
Ian Gallacher replied to 18ou8n5ooac1w's discussion Good music composition software
"I'd go along with Lyle, if you have inspiration, it's quick in Logic to get some ideas down and it's easy to write in many different genres.

With Logic you are able to expand your range of sounds via VST plug ins, many instruments are free."
Dec 26, 2009
Ian Gallacher left a comment for Asevenc
"Hello Asevenc, many thanks for your comments, I've always been influenced by film music and 60's/70's television themes and groups like the Doors and Air - so it's a diverse mix of influences.

I really liked "I See You" I was thinking listening to…"
Dec 9, 2009
Ian Gallacher left a comment for Chris Dargay
"Hi Chris, thanks for the comment - as you might guess I have the Nuggets Box Set! I'm intrigued, what's the guitar?

Bit of a fan of experimental electronica, which your music seems to touch upon, I particularly enjoy Scarab2, great rhythms."
Nov 27, 2009
Ian Gallacher posted a photo
I know it's basic, but a vast improvement on my previous set up - an original imac with a tiny 15" screen running Logic 4.7.3.Now I have Logic 8, EZ Drummer and Guitar Rig 4, Absynth 5, EWQL Symphonic Gold, loads of NI Kore modules, Fender…
Oct 26, 2009

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  • Hi Ian,

    Try hitting the back arrow in the player. I had some problems with it too but most people have no problems. Cheers
  • Really interesting styles... I love the different textures and how you seems to make them work. I'd of never thought of some of the electro combinations. Another angle for my brain to go down! Cheers.
  • Hi Ian, I'm not sure what I liked more. The title "My Indecision is Final" (hilarious!) or the song. Thanks for sharing! Rudi
  • I probably have never listened to "Door" or "Air", I'm about to be after them now.
    Thank you for listening to my content so intently.
    You almost made me discover an all unknown genre for me.
    Thanks for that !
  • Thoroughly enjoyed your stuff. Sat down and listened to this kind of music for the 1st time. That's your credit !
    Listening still... "The Candidate" is very moving with its narration.
    "Cast Two Shadows" brilliant !!
    I like the way you use your percussion. Very apt, I think.
    Love "Spider's Web" !!! Very Visual, very attractive !
    "Seven for a secret" is quite boggling !
  • The guitar on my slideshow has no brand for it was built by me. I'm happy that you enjoyed Scarab. Keep Rockin' Ian!
  • Nice work sir. Cast Two Shadows is HOT! Thank you.
This reply was deleted.