Gavin Brown left a comment for Andrew John Manley
"Welcome Andrew!"
Jon Corelis replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"I once wrote a very short composition called "Note in B flat."  I'd post it, but you can probably just imagine it."
Gavin Brown replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"Thanks Ray, I have struck upon using varied time signatures as a way to avoid the constrictions of picking a single time signature and living within it. It's freeing! I just let the melody take me where it will.
Regarding # 10, never thought of it…"
Raymond Jacob replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"Hi, Gavin – thank you for reminding us of the value of short-form composition. I enjoyed each one of the ten. I appreciated your incorporating the harmony and stylistic vocabularies Frank noted. Two more points…. I found your use of meter and rhythm…"
Gavin Brown replied to Timothy Smith's discussion Song - Lead Me On
"Hi Timothy, a pleasant one-section pop song that for some reason makes me think of Tom Petty. It is well-produced and memorable. Not a criticism, but I wondered if it might have benefited from a B-section/chorus. Thanks for sharing!
Gavin Brown replied to Raymond Jacob's discussion Suite for Piano, Synthesizer and Drums, Mov III
"Hi Raymond,
This certainly has a progressive rock vibe to it, and some interesting harmony. Overall it strikes me as a rhythmic track, not a whole composition. I wanted to hear some kind of melodic element on top of and higher in the register than…"
Gavin Brown left a comment for Raymond Jacob
"Welcome Raymond!"
Mar 17
Gavin Brown replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Concertino for High Trumpet - (light music)
" Hi Dane,
A pleasant romp in a Penny-Lane-ish neoclassical style - thanks for posting!
Mar 15
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"Welcome Kaiser!"
Mar 14
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"Welcome Ali!"
Mar 13
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"Welcome Marco!"
Mar 13
Gavin Brown replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"Thanks Frank, and your list of influences is spot on. The score:"
Mar 11
Gavin Brown replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"Thanks kindly Gregorio! I often write with the student in mind, or even more specifically. the piano teacher, who often is on the lookout for new material. -Gav"
Mar 11
Frank Paul replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"This is a great concept!  It harkens back a bit, I think, to Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos series, but here the influences are obviously different - alternatingly I hear echoes of jazz, Debussy, Satie and a tiny bit of rock & roll maybe.  I think I'd…"
Mar 11
gregorio X replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Shorts
"Hey Gav.
Listened to the first seven pieces. I think these are a tasty addition to the repertoire for the intermediate piano student. I could easily see them being played at recitals.
Nice work!"
Mar 11
Gavin Brown posted a discussion
Hello Colleagues,
The issue of short works recently came up here. I am a big fan of shorts and think it is a specialized art form unto itself. I am working on an album of piano works which will include some shorts I have written over the last 40…
Mar 11

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  • Thanks for the welcome Gavin!
  • Thanks for the welcome Gavin! I discovered this forum from a member's SoundCloud page. I look forward to meeting others here and learning from the group's collective experience.
  • "Thank you for accepting me.- I am happy to be here and looking forward to exchanging musical ideas, thoughts and knowledge."
  • Thanks Gavin,
    Happy to be here!
  • Thank you for the welcome! Looking forward to being part of this forum and expanding my skills!
  • thanks for the welcome, Gavin. I'm looking forward to get to know a wider range of composers than has previously been the case. I know there's fine stuff out there. I started to compose at first just for fun soon realised I had something I wanted to express and have spent nearly three decades now trying to teach myself how to do it!
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