Emily Bond replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"Thanks for listening, Saul!  I look forward to hearing your piece!"
Jan 18
Saul Gefen replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"Very nice and fun piece Emily, thanks for sharing.
I have also written a work with a similar name called 'The Train'...
Perhaps I'll share it on the forum later on.
Jan 18
Emily Bond replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"Thanks for listening Rob!
Jan 11
Rob J Kennedy replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"You've captued the image of a high speed train ride well. It's easy to imagine sitting in that train watching the world rusy by, well done.
Jan 11
Emily Bond replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"Thanks for your comments, Dane!  Re: your idea about bringing the train to a halt, I guess I was thinking it disappeared around the bend!"
Jan 8
Dane Aubrun replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
" Very nice.
Good old Amtrak! You certainly catch the energy and speed of a train ride. Brilliant performance too. 
My only concern was that the ending was a little weak and sudden. Far be it from me to suggest it but did you ponder on bringing the…"
Jan 8
Emily Bond replied to Dane Aubrun's discussion Music for Orchestra XX (approx 5 1/2 minutes.)
" I'm not usually much for atonal, but your orchestrations are so masterful and beautiful.  "
Jan 7
Emily Bond replied to Jon Corelis's discussion Cyclades
"hi John!  Surprising and interesting instrumentations.  You really caught the feeling of an exotic, ancient time in human history."
Jan 7
Emily Bond replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"Thanks for your response, Jon.
Jan 7
Jon Corelis replied to Emily Bond's discussion New piece: Spirit Train
"I listened to it and thought it was spirited and enjoyable.  Good use of an underlying train rhythm throughout."
Jan 7
Emily Bond posted a discussion
Solo piano, kind of improvisatory, using a favorite rhythm: 7/8 interspersed with a basic duple for contrast.  I like modulating in the modes, and this is no exception.  It starts in C# Dorian, goes to E Dorian; G Dorian, D Dorian.  (No real logic…
Jan 6
Emily Bond posted a status
Thank you Gavin!
Dec 18, 2022
Gavin Brown replied to Emily Bond's discussion Music Video: Mountain Dweller
"Hi Emily,
It is well-composed and conveys the nature idea as you intended.
Well done!
Dec 17, 2022
Mark Reilly replied to Emily Bond's discussion Music Video: Mountain Dweller
"Hi Emily,
I don’t think you should be discouraged by any comparisons you hear between your own music and others. I watch a lot of TV dramas/movies where I hear comparable music to yours. However, I find that a lot of these pieces in dramas tend to…"
Dec 17, 2022
Emily Bond replied to Mark Reilly's discussion Grief's Coronation - Solo piano composition
"Hi Mark,
This is a beautiful, expressive tribute to your friend.  It felt very deep, very sincere, and the sometimes mournful, sometimes celebratory passages flowed gracefully from one to another.
And, I think you are a top-notch piano player!
Dec 16, 2022
Emily Bond replied to Emily Bond's discussion Music Video: Mountain Dweller
"Hi Mark,
I, too, am just learning about music licensing.  I have felt discouraged when I listen to the type of music they seem to want.  I'm trying a different tack now, which is to send snippets directly to producers/music editors.  We shall see if…"
Dec 16, 2022

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  • Friend request sent to you

  • Greetings Emily,

    I like your music very much. Nocturne is very beautiful. Nice chord changes. Thanks for sharing.

    Very best,

    Larry Elliott

  • Better late than never - I use Ilio Entertainment's "Symphony of Voices" - it has lots of choral venues. "Spectrasonoics" may be another name for this.

  • Thanks so much Emily. It's always nice to get encouraging words from you, as I really respect your opinions and enjoy your thoughtful comments. This is the first piece I've finished since making the transition to Sibelius a few months ago. The piece is written in Sibelius using EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, I exported the audio from Sibelius three times, first using the close microphone positions in EWQL, then using the close mics, then the surround mics. I then mixed the 3 tracks in Sonar into a combined audio track and applied some compression. I also used an English Horn instead of an oboe, because I'm not very happy with the EWQL oboes (too bad - I love the instrument). I'm looking forward to listening to more of your work. Happy New Year!

  • Hi Emily

    Thanks for listening to my PIANO CONCERTO - Mvt1 and for your comments.  I am obviously pleased you liked it and hope you have the time to listen to the other 2 movements

  • Hi Emily, I think "Ancient One" is a lovely work - especially the counterpoint.

  • For me atonality is quite not the correct description though it is also a part of humanizing..


    Both free and strict atonality contribute to humanization. There are certain involuntary aspects in music those get lost when composers rely more on computers. ( Now we do have algorithms to impart humanization. that is different). incorporating those involuntary aspects into our compositions is what I call humanizing. A simple example is this.. 


    When you play piano, not all notes are of the same velocity. Those variation in velocity and sustenance makes it real!! This is what is realism. This is what is human. If all notes are of same velocity then that would seem robotic and unreal. 


    In certain cases, unlike pianos, we might have to impart these human aspects. And that is what is called humanization. this is my idea. I would like to know how you differ or agree upon this... Awaiting your comment...

  • I love the realism in your piano... Are you interested in Indian classical music?!? I have always tried to compose both in unison. I dont know how people perceive this but I wish I could share some knowledge on this with you!! Thank you
  •    "Lament" is a very restful and lyrical piece. I really like how all four voices weave in and out together. I also enjoyed the haunting flute during the middle section (1:40). Beautifully done.

       "Weird Waltz" begins with wonderful melodic interplay of the 2 flutes. The piece appears to have 3 sections, followed by a repeat of each. I wondered whether the piece could be sharpened by having the 2nd part be more of a contrast to the others.

       "Soaring" is one of my favorite pieces. The first theme is beautifully done, haunting and somewhat medieval, the repeated with a rich harmonic background. For me, the pinnacle is reached starting with a new theme at 1:01. It builds to a beautiful resolution at 1:13. Great music!

       I especially enjoyed the structure of "Ancient One". The contemplative initial theme, piano shadowed by cello, is very moody and somewhat dark. Then, at 1:35, the second theme ripples in softly, transposing me to a more hopeful, still emotional, mood. I liked how the intensity built in waves. The repeat of theme 1, after the contrast of theme 2, created much more meaning. Very well done!

       "Shape Shifter" has to be my favorite. I love the intensity of the rhythm and the mysterious air it provokes. It is reminiscent of a Hitchcock film.

       "Lonesome" reveals your influence from Satie. Beautiful and haunting first theme, then a very nice 2nd theme with oboe (and guitar?) with a nice interplay of flute at 1:35.

       In all these pieces it is evident that you are a wonderful pianist. Even though piano is not necessarily a lead in all pieces, it provides a strong underpinning to all. At the same time, all your melodies are very lyrical and enjoyable , while the harmonic textures are rich. You're a gifted composer - I enjoy all that you write.

  • Hi Emily. Thanks for your very supportive and generous comments about "Frankenstein at the Dance". Your suggestion about breaking it up into a suite of dances is a good one. However, I'm in this somewhat intractable frame of mind where I've intended this piece to be in "semi-scherzo" form, the results of which may be questionable. I've ended up with A-B-A*-C-A. As you've probably guessed by my cryptic naming of the last 2 pieces, I'm in the middle of composing a second symphony. "Frankenstein" is intended as the 3rd movement. Thanks for listening and thanks for your kind words. I've been listening to all of your uploaded works lately and will be commenting on them in a little while.

This reply was deleted.