Em Coston replied to Socrates Arvanitakis's discussion MODULATION (up a tone starting with La Folia)
"Hey Socrates. It's October now and I'm wondering when this thread will resume. 

I also have a question I've been wondering about this summer that may make for  a good splinter topic:
Are there any uniquely Greek approaches to rhythm and time…"
Oct 3, 2018
Em Coston replied to Ty Kim's discussion Looking for some Feedback!
"Definitely entertaining.  I like it.  The only way I would have found it more amusing is if you had morphed the instruments into a rock band with distorted guitars at the end. "
Oct 3, 2018
Em Coston replied to Gavin Brown's discussion Collaborative Project Proposal: Treatise on Atonalism
"Since this project is a no go, I just want to say that I was going to suggest that rather than coining a new term for Atonal it might be better to add a new definition being something like "Terza Prattica" (third practice) and as a homage to the…"
Oct 3, 2018
Ingo Lee replied to Em Coston's discussion A Guide to Atonal Subcategories
"I'll bet Julie already has some of this put together for her students.  She might not want to be back on the forum but maybe she could help with this?"
Jul 28, 2018
Gavin Brown replied to Em Coston's discussion A Guide to Atonal Subcategories
"Hi Em, if you could send me a PM with a formal proposal, I’d be happy to entertain the idea. Please include (if you have this information) how such a guide would be built (i.e. who would do it and how), how it would be vetted, and what would happen…"
Jul 27, 2018
Em Coston replied to Kjell Prytz's discussion Piano Quartet Oceans of Time
"Brilliant per usual, Kjell. I greatly enjoyed this. I agree with the others about the 58s mark."
Jul 25, 2018
Em Coston replied to Ingo Lee's discussion How can I learn to write atonal music?
"Hi Nick. I just wanted to say that your Thomes and Phrases is a fascinating read.  I agree with Bob that a more accessible presentation would be helpful and visuals go a long way.  
The first few ideas  you presented gave an impression of juggling…"
Jul 23, 2018
Em Coston commented on Socrates Arvanitakis's blog post ARE YOU A PASSING TOURIST?
"This is very catchy, I like it.  While it works great with the lyrics, this one seems to me like it could also stand as an instrumental piece.  "
Apr 7, 2018
Em Coston left a comment for Lisa dawson
"Hi Lisa. I'm not an expert so I don't know for certain.  I would personally avoid identifying music by genre or style because those carry with them certain connotations and expectations that will influence the way an audience approaches such music.…"
Apr 6, 2018
Em Coston left a comment for Lisa dawson
"Just wanted to say that your piano piece "An Angel In Here 2" is lovely. It sounds a little more serious than I imagine easy listening to sound.  However, I very much enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing."
Apr 6, 2018
Em Coston commented on Antonio Freixas's video
"I just want to say I admire many things about this piece but the most fascinating to me is (for lack of better terms) the use of suspense in the structure.  By that, I mean the very brief moments of seeming chaos making what follows unpredictable…"
Jan 7, 2018

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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to listen, I appreciate your comment. I am completely new to all of this, hence the easy listening.  Would you recommend another genre of music?

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